Galileo Galilei: a brief biography and his discoveries

Galileo – records:

  • Individual: Galileo Galilei.
  • рождения6 date 15 Feb 1564.
  • The Place: Pisa, Florence.
  • Profession: astronomer inventor physicist.
  • date of death: January 8, 1642.
  • Place: Arcetri, Duchy of Tuscany.

Born in Pisa, Florence, the philosopher and astronomer, the discoverer, Galileo Galilei, from his childhood showed signs of genius – a flexible mind, a penchant for math, observation. In 20 years the young pioneer brought the laws of motion of the pendulum. In 1584 he became a Professor at the University of Pisa. A year made a public report about the unreasonableness of the fall of bodies in Aristotle, for which he was expelled from his native city. Read more

van Gogh: biography, interesting facts

Vincent van Gogh – Dutch painter, with a hard life, colourful paintings, a mental disorder.

Place of birth

Vincent (Willem) van Gogh was born 29 July 1890, in the Grog-Zundert, Netherlands, in the family of the pastor. Vincent's mother, Anna Carbentus, was the daughter of the venerable bookseller from the Hague. Woman, refined and educated, Anna became his son as an example of femininity. Vincent to the age of harbored a kind of attachment to the mother that poured the intimate letters and strange actions – he went to study in another city, soon left the educational institution, as much missed for her mother. Read more

Alain Delon biography

Sex symbol, even in ' 82 – read the biography of Alain Delon, French actor, producer.

Alain Delon – biography

Alain Delon is the name known in all countries. Let no one remembers how it looks, French actor, and some will not even remember the nationality of a popular figure, but well-established fact that Alain Delon – the sex symbol of the 60's- is undeniable. Read more

Leonardo da Vinci: биография кратко, самое главное

Leonardo da Vinci родился 15 апреля 1452 года в Анкиато, village a short distance Vinci, and thus got the nickname.

  • his father was a notary.
  • Mother – mistress.

Родители Leonardo da Vinci не состояли в официальных отношениях. После рождения сына, отец забрал ребенка в свою семью. Первое обучение Leonardo da Vinci получил в мастерской Верроккьо. Father видел склонности сына к искусству и тонко оценил будущие перспективы для ребенка. Read more

Alena Shishkova biography

, "Miss Charm", beauty from Tyumen, the former Timati – everything you need to know about Alena Shishkova in today's biographies.

Alena Shishkova biography

Star Instagram received national recognition after participating in the contest "Miss Russia". Before the project, the girl tried to break into a modeling career, picking up suggestions, but to no avail. Read more

the Biography of Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhnev – the new style icon of the Russian platform. Read about the singer, which sets the tone in show business.

the Biography of Vera Brezhneva

Success will come to anyone – just wish....

The star of the show business, beautiful mom, sexy woman, winner of numerous awards that the singer can talk for hours and admire endlessly. Read more