Antoine Arnault the businessman, biography

A beautiful, sensual and rich – Antoine AMRO, a businessman. Biography, personal life. Read about the husband of Natalia Vodianova.

Antoine Arnault, the businessman's biography

Charismatic heir to one of the richest families in France Antoine Arnault, born on 4 June 1977 in Roubaix, close to the Belgian border. Read more

the birth place of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Previously known as the "iron man", now – former Governor of California. A fascinating history of the formation of a simple guy with big dreams. Read about where he was born and raised Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he reached the top in the biography of actor and bodybuilder. Read more

How many times have transplanted the heart of Rockefeller?

Rockefeller-billionaire, Rockefeller cyborg and Rockefeller and the world conspiracy theory – was talking about the world media while he was alive is one of the most influential people in the world? Read how many times transplanted the heart of Rockefeller? Read more

Anna Callaci. Biography

be4ff2362cc2One of the most mysterious, desirable and beautiful representatives of the Russian showbiz Anna Callaci is a bronze finalist in the modeling competition for the magazine Maxim 2012.

Life Hobbies this popular model differ. Anna Callaci not only involved in the photo shoots for the famous gloss, but also does interior design, participates in the television show, leads a budget transfer. Read more

bill gates: книги. Перечень книг Билла Гейтса

maxresdefaultЕсли вы не раз слышали фразу «Хочу быть как bill gates», причем со стороны и в собственных мыслях, то вам несомненно нужно прочитать книги по развитию, которые рекомендует сам знаменитый миллиардер и соучредитель компании Майкрософт, а также остановить свое внимание на детально рассмотрении книг, написанных опытом, умом и проницательностью самого магната, которые мы представляем вам на детальное рассмотрение. Read more

Henry Ford books

04---2The first who introduced the car in mass usage, and use of the pipeline so that more productive to produce their goods, was Henry Ford. his name was perpetuated in the make of car, and his life is an example to achieve their goals and plans. He began to work in the Studio with a simple mechanic, and thanks to the reinvention, yearning and desire has reached such unprecedented heights, went down in history. Read more

Donald trump: books


Donald trump world-famous personality, whose example you learn and grow up a generation of millionaires. Though known expression trump on how to earn and assumed a career was "you have to be born in a rich family", he is the author of numerous books on self-development and successful business in which he invested his accumulated experience ideas, successful projects, attitudes towards and enhancement of capital in many industries, but the more clearly he describes his living example of the construction industry, giant no way in the world of business is. Read more