Adam Yandiev biography

Adam Yandiev – mixed martial arts. Read today's article about the representative of the martial arts. What a lifetime dream Adam Yandiev? Why afraid to walk hand in hand with your lawful wedded wife?

Adam Yandiev biography

Born fighter mixed martial arts July 7, 1988 in the Republic of Ingushetia. Father, Alikhan Yandiev entrepreneur. The child, the future soldier was spent in two cities. Father gave preference to Nazran, where he conducted his business. The family grew as the business Adam was the second child after Abukar (30.06.87 g).

When Adam Yandiev was 4 years old, the family moved to Moscow. In the capital the boy continued to engage in mixed martial arts, which sunk them with his brother in soul. Sports became the basis for the further career. The father supported the activity of the sons, as he received the status of Master of sports in judo. Helping the kids, coached and pushed for the big League. Official development of sports talent began in USK "Sambo-70".

the Sports career of Adam Yandiev

the Youth are actively engaged in mixed martial arts. The father had by the way – at the sports complex "Sambo-70" the boy's talent was appreciated. First award – Candidate master of sports in judo – Adam Yandiev received in 2001. After 4 years of career has reached a new level. Adam Yandiev solemnly honored Master of Sports and became MMA.

Soon Adam Yandiev injured, but intense workouts drops. Dedication and perseverance made fighter MMA star. In 2016, Adam could boast of 9 victories in doubles battles. The famous club "Fight or die" reflects the internal views of Adam Yandiev. The fighter showed searing heat in the ring. Commentators and spectators began to call the young man "beard". Such identification is like the Master of sports and soon settled down. Brother Adam Yandiev, incidentally, also moved into MMA.

a New goal

Adam Yandiev can't rest on our laurels. Numerous victories and the status of Master of sports seemed to the boy a springboard that he used to reaching the top MMA – the Olympic title. The symbol gave Adam the title of the best fighter over the last decade. Despite the fact that Adam Yandiev and was not included in the Olympic team, yet little-known left.

the Life

In addition to mixed martial arts, Adam appeared in music videos and movies, dreamed about since childhood, managed to record a few songs, offering fans a more subtle and creative side of personality. As noted by the athlete for, there comes a time when any fighter thinking of what was ahead. Uphill battle does not spare health and strength, so Adam Yandiev actively out in other areas to conquer new heights.

Personal life

Adam Yandiev has a beautiful wife. Pair of you can enjoy instagram on the web. Despite the fact that the couple is happy together, 30 April 2017 in the restaurant on Kutuzovsky in Moscow took place the conflict with ISAA Belgarum, for a previously published photo in social networks, in which Adam holds the hand of his wife. As noted by Isaiah for the behavior of the fighter does not match the performance and traditions of residents of Ingushetia. The conflict continued for several months, but was successfully resolved without casualties.

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