How much money to take to Montenegro?

How much money to take to Montenegro, and how much we spent on a 16-day trip to Montenegro and Albania? In this post - a detailed calculation of our budget!

In general, it is always quite difficult to say exactly on the budget, because everyone has different requests and the concept of “good / bad, tasty / tasteless, comfortable / uncomfortable”. That is why I will not only give specific numbers, but also write how and what they spent so that you can understand if your requests coincide with ours.

In addition, you will learn what expenses to expect in one day, on average.

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Prices in Montenegro : a detailed overview of the various categories

All that you need to know about holidays in Montenegro, I have collected in one big guide .

How much is a vacation in Montenegro and how much money to take with you?

Here I will give a calculation for TWO people. We traveled on our own in late September and early October for 16 days, of which we traveled to Albania for 4 days. The route was: Tivat - Herceg Novi - Kotor - Zabljak - Podgorica (in transit) - Shkoder (Albania) - Tirana (Albania) - Ulcinj - Bar - Budva - Tivat Airport.

If you plan to buy a tour, then accordingly you only need the sections "Food in Cafes / Restaurants", "Food in a Supermarket", "Excursions and Entertainment", "Transport", "Communication". Flights, hotel accommodation, transfers from the airport to the hotel, honey. insurance is usually already included in the price of the tour.

Liner in the Bay of Kotor

Flights from Omsk and back: 26,400 rubles

Here everyone will have their own expenses, depending on the city of departure and season. The price of 13,200 rubles per person for flights from Omsk to Tivat and back is just excellent, I managed to grab such tickets for sale.

Regular flights are usually from Moscow, the cheapest I have seen is 4,000 rubles on both sides of Pobeda (only with small carry-on baggage and off-season). In the summer, it is worth counting on 10-12 thousand (and more) round-trip from Moscow.

It’s convenient to monitor and search for cheap tickets on Aviasales

16 nights: 386 euros (average 24 euros per night).

There are a lot of housing options. We shot on Airbnb (we have bonuses there, so we chose this option). Most often these were rooms in guest houses (the house in the village of Dobrota near Kotor, with a view of the bay and on the first line, was especially steep), sometimes directly apartments with everything you need (for example, in Budva and Tirana). In Zabljak we had a room with a shared shower, but with a battery (it was already cold in the mountains in early October) and spacious.

The average cost of a simple double room during the summer season is 25-35 euros. We drove at the end of the season when prices are lower. Someone fall immediately from September 1, someone from October 1 ... Although the price depends on the location, amenities and so on.

View housing options at once in one place from many booking systems and immediately book conveniently on hotellook.ru (we always look there, or on Airbnb).

Sign up for Couchsurfing, an international hospitality network. It is not quite right to consider it as free housing, rather as an opportunity to dive deeper into the local culture and get to know the locals. I’m not sure that couchsurfing will work actively in resort towns, but in the outback or in the capital - completely.

Hotel on the outskirts of Budva

Our expenses: 116 euros

The food in a cafe in Montenegro is very tasty, in many ways habitual to the inhabitants of Russia (unlike our beloved Southeast Asia, for example). As a rule, portions are large, sometimes one is enough to eat together. But it’s better to take each separately. The service is good, there are absolutely no eateries or dining rooms in resort towns, either fast food or a cafe / restaurant.

I was looking for inexpensive places, but with good reviews on tripadvisor or on google maps, and in any city they were. How much does it cost to eat? For example, soup costs 1.5-2.5 euros, the same number of salads, large pizza 4-7 euros. Pleskavitsa cutlet costs 3-4 euros, but usually it is served with a side dish (fried potatoes and fresh cabbage). That is, for 12-14 euros you can eat tightly together. We didn’t save much, ate a couple of times with wine ... That is, if desired, it can be cheaper, but is it worth it?

Of course, there will be more with wine or beer. In restaurants by the sea, prices are much higher. But here 15-20 euros for lunch / dinner for two can be considered an average.

One of the restaurants by the sea

Supermarket Food

Our expenses: 161 euros

In about half the cases, we cooked ourselves, in many cities we had housing with a kitchen. If you are going to spend the whole vacation in one city and are not going to move much (except for one day outings), then this option is ideal and greatly saves the budget.

Moreover, prices in supermarkets in Montenegro in general are not much different from Russian ones. Very cheap and delicious cheeses (feta, all kinds of “cottage cheese”) from 2 euros (140 rubles) per kilo, inexpensive wine, although it is poor in quality. But normal wines are much more expensive. Georgian for me is beyond competition, of course! Fruits and vegetables are slightly cheaper than ours, cereals are about the same, eggs are almost twice as expensive as in Omsk. That is, you will spend about the same or a little more on food in Montenegro than at home in Russia, while the quality of the products is very good.

We constantly took cheese, olives, fruits, vegetables - in general, we stocked up vitamins for the winter. We don’t like pork, beef, but chicken - yes. It costs a little more than ours. In general, they also did not save much.

Our expenses: 163 euros

That’s really expensive in Montenegro, it’s local transport . If in other categories it is approximately the same with Russia, then here it is much more expensive.

We traveled by bus, traveled not the whole country of course, but most of it. Plus, it also includes expenses in Albania. That is why quite a lot has come out. If you plan to be based in one city and go only to the beach or travel nearby for several hours, then your expenses in this category will be significantly less.

I recommend reading these related materials, you will find many ideas for your trip!

The best sights of Montenegro

Resorts in Montenegro: a detailed overview

Our expenses: 9 euros

We don’t really like going to museums of all kinds (with rare exceptions), water activities and water parks were no longer relevant due to the autumn weather (although swimming is still possible), we didn’t need excursions either, because we always go somewhere and We visit interesting places.

Black Lake in Durmitor Park

Bridge over the Tara River in the north of the country

So from the entrance tickets there is only a pass to the Durmitor National Park (3 euros each) and tickets to the Rosafa fortress in Albania. I went to the fortress in Kotor for free, saving 8 euros, thanks to knowledgeable people!

You can see in advance what excursions are in Montenegro, and not only note what you like, but also book.

Our expenses: 5 euros

On a trip nowhere without a connection and the Internet. I always advise you to take a local SIM card, and not overpay for roaming and expensive Internet. In Montenegro, several telecom operators with approximately similar offers. We took a SIM card M: tel. The package included 500 GB (!) Of traffic for 15 days + some minutes and SMS there, we did not use them. Read more about communication and the Internet.

Communication catches everywhere, including on the highway between cities. The only place where I didn’t catch the connection was in the remote corners of Durmitor Park, in the mountains. But on the famous Black Lake, for example, the Internet was also very good.

Whether or not to take out travel insurance is up to you to decide. This is optional, there is no such requirement when crossing the border. Before the trip, I wound up and completely forgot about insurance.

But still I recommend you not to neglect this item, especially since it is inexpensive, and it will save a lot of nerves and money if something happens!

Our expenses: 24 euros

There was not very much space in the luggage (after all, a restriction of 10 kg), so they took all sorts of trifles as a keepsake to friends and relatives. Magnets, local herbs, in Albania they took good coffee.

Your expenses here can be from zero to infinity, depending on the imagination and requests of friends :)

Plus they spent 2 euros on trifles on washing powder and napkins.

So, how much money should I take to Montenegro for vacation? We have the following.

Total our expenses for two: 866 euros + tickets from Omsk and back 26400 rubles.

If you divide 866 euros for 16 days, you get 54 euros on average per day.

We use it ourselves and recommend it to friends:

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