How to rent inexpensive accommodation while traveling - 5 ways!

Today we will talk about how to book and rent inexpensive accommodation on a trip, whether it be around the world or a week's vacation. Your attention 5 ways to save on housing, without losing quality and comfort!

How to rent a house on a trip?

Booking hotel system Booking How to rent inexpensive accommodation abroad

The most common way to find affordable accommodation is to look at hotel reservation systems. There are quite a few of them, and the price for the same hotel may vary, and you need to look in each case. Periodically, reservation systems arrange promotions with big discounts, and you can book a hotel cheaply!
Booking rules, payment procedures, as well as living conditions must also be looked at in each case.
Of all the hotel search engines, we recommend using:





All of them are well-known and are popular among travelers.

Search hostels by hostelworld

Hostels are a small guest house in which there are both ordinary rooms and dormitories for 6.8, 10 people. These places are interesting primarily for their price, which is significantly lower than that of hotels. There is also a great chance to have fun with interesting people from other countries and continents, exchange useful information, make new friends and travel companions :-)

The bathroom in the hostel is usually shared on the floor, but you can also rent a regular room with amenities inside. Free Wi-Fi, laundry, cafes and soft sofas in the lobby are also quite common. Living in a hostel is safe and comfortable, unless of course you have very high requirements. Hostel, this is not necessarily a typical concrete hostel - there are very beautiful historical buildings. For example, in Beijing, we lived in hutuns - a special type of Chinese houses with a patio and fountain. The atmosphere of the old city in action))

Hostels can be booked and rented in conventional housing reservation systems, but there are also special sites:



Hotel search meta hotellook

As we wrote above, there are many hotel reservation systems, and in order not to look at offers in each of them, you need to use meta-search engines. As in the case of air tickets, they compare offers from different reservation systems, after which they redirect to the website of a particular system, where the booking and hotel purchase takes place.

Search engines search booking sites such as booking, agoda, expedia, oktogo, ostrovok and many others, which allows you to immediately grab a huge number of hotels, hostels, guest houses, apartments - in short, all housing options that are offered in a particular city. Hotel search engines do not add any fees to the price, but simply compare the cost. All promotions and discounts also fall into the field of view of search engines. If there is no time to sit and compare for a long time, I recommend using this option!

We use a search engine hotellook.ru
To find cheap hotels and hostels, you can follow the link or use the search form on our website:

By the way, they have mobile applications for Android and for iPhone and iPad .

Renting an apartment with the owners - AirBnb service

This is a very cool option for those who want variety and authenticity! It is always interesting to rent an apartment with the locals - there is the opportunity to talk with the owner, and just completely plunge into the atmosphere of the country, living not in a standard hotel, but in real housing of a real person. The most popular service for renting an apartment with local residents is Airbnb.ru.

By the way, if you follow the link to Airbnb.ru , then you will receive $ 25 as a gift in the system, which you can spend to rent an apartment on your trip!

On Airbnb you can find quite exotic housing options, for example, a villa on the beach, a small castle, a family estate, a mountain house and so on. The service has a system of guarantees and quality, a round-the-clock support service.

How to book accommodation on Airbnb

Our review of Airbnb

30 unusual houses on Airbnb

Another service that allows you to book apartments and apartments directly from the owners - Homeway - they have over 1 million offers worldwide! Sometimes here you can find interesting options that are not available on other booking services.

World Hospitality Website - Couchsurfing

Of course, do not forget about hospitality sites, such as:



For us, this is primarily a means of cultural exchange, understanding of the kindness and unity of the world. And only then the opportunity to save on accommodation. Hospitality sites are a kind of social networks where people provide travelers with a roof over their heads or just a walk around the city and a pleasant company. You can also register, and you will have the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world, receive guests and live in different cities of the world for free with previously unknown people. This is actually fun)) We spend time together, prepare, share traditions and customs.

Our guests: Olya from Irkutsk and Daniel from sunny Venezuela. We fly kites!

These 5 ways to rent affordable housing abroad are the most basic. They will help you save on vacation or travel. Each particular country has its own nuances of course, for example, sites and forums where you can find interesting offers, but we will not go deeper)) There is a time for everything.

We are looking for flights on search engines Aviasales and Skyscanner . For example, Aviasales has quite useful tools: a low price calendar, a subscription to changing the price of a direction of interest, a map of cheap flights and others.

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We use it ourselves and recommend it to friends:

best sites for travelers

✓Travelata.ru - search for the most profitable tours among 120 reliable tour operators.
✓Aviasales.ru - search and comparison of airfare prices among 100 agencies and 728 airlines.
✓Hotellook.ru - a search engine for hotels around the world. Compares prices across many reservation systems, finding the best.
✓Airbnb.ru is the most popular rental service from the owners in the world (this often comes out more convenient and cheaper than the hotel). Follow this link and receive a gift for the first reservation - $ 25.
✓Tripster - more than 4000+ excursions in 500+ cities of the world from local residents.
✓ Compare.ru - online travel insurance, including for a visa.
✓ Kiwitaxi.ru - an international service for booking car transfers. 70 countries and 400 airports.

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  4. You can also rent an apartment directly from the owner. Just enter in the search engine in Russian the phrase: short-term apartment rental

  5. Hello guys! I started communicating in ARNBNB not so long ago and so far everything was fine. But now we are on a trip, renting a room from a private trader in Spain, and for the first time in all 20 years of traveling, some tension has arisen between us, which greatly obscures the joy of living with a stranger under one roof. But since “everything has been fixed,” changing housing is not the best option. Do you often have situations with people meeting on trips that are, so to speak, “annoying”? I’m even thinking of opening such a topic on my blog, but on the other hand, I don’t want to write about it

    Stas Reply:

    Hello Svetlana! We rarely have hostility towards people traveling)) we mostly live either in guesthouses or hostels or through couchsurfing, and there you can read everything about a person in your profile, and thus meet an interesting person! In fact, all the people who meet are a reflection of ourselves, no matter how trite it sounds)) everything depends on the mood

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