How to buy cheap airline tickets?

How and where to buy cheap flights?

This question is asked by everyone who sets out to travel more or less far. To do this, it’s enough to know some of the main points that will help to get the desired ticket without unnecessary trouble.

To get started, let's see how this whole airline ticket system works.


Paper tickets are irrevocably a thing of the past, now almost all purchases are made online on the Internet. The result of the purchase is an electronic ticket that arrives by e-mail. It is enough to simply print it out and come with it and with a passport to the airport of departure. Thus, an electronic ticket cannot be lost; all information is in the air carrier’s database.

Moreover, you can register for a flight online on the airline’s website 24-30 hours before departure by indicating the ticket number. So you will avoid the queues at check-in at the airport, and if you are without luggage, then skip all airport authorities in general :-)

There are many airlines in the world, and each has its own route network. Large airlines carry out flights around the world, and small airlines only in their country or specific area.

Therefore, it is quite difficult to understand how to get from point A to point B by air. To do this, you need to find out which airlines fly to the cities we need, climb on each site and check the price. Agree, quite a tedious task? :-)

There are agencies for the sale of airline tickets or ticket offices, which redeem part of the tickets from airlines and sell them with a small margin. You can look for cheap tickets at these agencies, but, again, you need to go through a lot of options. There is no agency that would work with all airlines in the world))

In our opinion, it is best to search and buy cheap air tickets using special search engines or, as they are also called, aggregators.

How do flight search engines work?

Search engines do not sell anything, but only collect information from booking systems, airline ticket sales agencies and directly from the airlines themselves. And then they simply compare prices and give out a list of the cheapest in the search. Any airline search engine has filters to select a flight according to the given criteria: price, direct or with a transfer, which airline to fly, travel time, etc. Further, when choosing a specific route, you will be redirected to the website of the agency or airline where the purchase is made.

Search engines do not take any money for their services (they are "fed" by agencies for attracting customers to their sites).

That is, you get a huge selection of routes around the world at the lowest prices, and all this in one place and in just 5 minutes! Moreover, if airline companies are selling air tickets (which happens quite often), then such tickets also fall into the field of view of aggregators. Accordingly, the chance to buy tickets even cheaper increases.

We mainly use two flight search engines: and and we also recommend them to you! They are famous and have an excellent reputation among travelers. Although they are similar, everyone has their own chips. If one service does not find some option, the other one will definitely have it, just compare it in both)). All other search engines, in our opinion, are inferior to these in functionality and convenience.

Read also a separate article on how to buy cheap airline tickets using search engines for beginners in this business. Use and buy really cheap flights!

How to buy cheap airline tickets - proven ways!

There are many nuances in buying air tickets, but there are main points, knowing which you can save a lot. About them below:

In the high season and on New Year's holidays, tickets are always more expensive , so it is advisable to choose another time for cheap travel. But in the off-season you can fly very budget. For example, it is believed that Thailand has an off-season in summer (although this is not entirely true), and tickets from Russia are sold for 6,000-7,000 rubles one way! There are few passengers, and airlines are forced to reduce costs.

Buy tickets in advance (a few months) before the flight . Naturally, the cheapest places to buy in the first place, and the closer the departure time, the more expensive the ticket. Optimal - buy for 3-4 months, although for different cases it’s different, but you need to monitor in advance.

Try looking for tickets for adjacent numbers . Different dates have different costs, and a shift of one day can save 50%! For convenience, search engines have a low price calendar where you can immediately look at and analyze prices for any day of the week or month.

See the price of a flight to neighboring cities . Arrive, and there you will already get by land transport. Usually flights between large megacities / capitals are cheaper than between small towns. You can also try changing the departure city to any nearest one, it is likely to be cheaper. On the Skyscanner there is a wonderful function when you ask “everywhere” in the departure column and look at the cheapest tickets from your or neighboring city. Sometimes there are fabulous options :-)

Round-trip tickets issued in one order are cheaper than tickets purchased separately. To a lesser extent, this applies to low-cost airlines.

A flight with a transfer or connection is often cheaper than a direct one. For example, people fly to Thailand cheaply with a connection in the Gulf countries, by Emirates and Qatar Airways. It turns out an average of 21,000 rubles from Moscow and back, while a direct flight costs about 30,000 rubles. Here you need to carefully watch how much you have to wait at the airport for a transfer, so that it is not a surprise.

Sign up for the newsletter of stocks and sales of airline tickets . There are also nuances here: tickets for stocks are non-refundable, and are sold in advance. This is another argument to plan a trip for several months, and to monitor prices for the chosen direction. You can also subscribe to specific areas of interest, and as soon as the price drops, the search engine will immediately send a notification.

Tour operators pre-buy blocks of seats on airplanes (after all, tours go along with the flight), and if the tours are not bought up, they begin to sell tickets at cost. The price of such tickets can be very low, the lower the closer the departure time. The method, of course, is risky and suitable for those who are not constrained by the time frame, have a visa (for visa countries) and are ready to fly at least today or tomorrow. You need to look for such tickets on Turdom exchange or in special section on the Aviasales search engine

It is no secret that mobile devices have firmly entered our lives, and their share is increasing. It’s convenient when the search engine for cheap flights is always at hand - Aviasales has a mobile application for Adroid for this ( download ) and for iPhone ( download )

Aviasales has an interesting feature - it allows you to visually search for air tickets by the necessary and flexible parameters.

- Filter visa / visa-free country / or Schengen

- Direct flights, or with a change / connection

- By length of stay

- Tickets for the seasons and for specific holidays

- Budget purchases

Try map of low prices .

There are low-cost airlines where the cost of air travel is significantly lower, and many people have long used this opportunity. Here are the lists of low cost airlines flying from Russia , Europe and Asia .

As I said at the beginning, there are many nuances and ways to save on buying a ticket. I will write about them a little later. Subscribe to updates to be the first to know about new articles!

Travel lodging can also be inexpensive!

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  3. And do not forget to clean cash if you often visit the site. The system remembers your priority desires, then overprices)

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    Timur, yes, we, too, usually six months, especially at low-cost sales. Although it all depends on demand and competition in one direction or another, for example, from Tyumen to Moscow, at least a week later, at least six months later, the price is 2500-2900 rubles

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