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  1. Hello! Thank you for the detailed information about Phuket! I plan to rent a house there in February for a month at least. Please tell me in which area of ​​Phuket is the cheapest to live? Is it possible to rent a studio apartment for 6,000 - 10,000 baht / month?

    Stas Reply:

    Natalia, the cheapest way to live in the southeast ... Rawai, Chalong. But in those areas, mostly private houses, not condo apartments. Relatively inexpensive apartments are in the Bang Tao area near the main highway away from the beach. There are a lot of cheap housing in Phuket Town :) For 6000 baht, count on the simplest housing, in the range of 9000-10000 baht you can already find something decent.

  2. By the way, if someone is planning a trip at the same time, we can pick up in Tbilisi, Yerevan, Tehran. We are two men 50+ (normal! Just wives can not go during this period)

    Stas Reply:

    Sergey, great offer! I hope there are fellow travelers on some parts of the path

  3. Good afternoon, Stas! Thanks for the helpful information on Iran! In September - October we are going to Iran in our car. We work out the route, decide on carnet, etc. Tell me what difficulties were in communicating with the local population or do you own Farsi ?.

    Stas Reply:

    Sergey, I don’t know Farsi, literally basic phrases. As elsewhere, young people in large cities more or less speak English, and the older generation can sometimes be found talking, educated people in Iran. In the outback everything is more complicated, the whole conversation came down to where I came from :) In general, there were no global difficulties, at the stations, in the shops, at least a little but they speak English.

  4. Hi guys! You have a wealth of useful information on Thailand and Georgia. I am very glad that I found your blog! I will follow your adventures))

  5. Stas good afternoon. I am going to leave Moscow by train to Taraz on June 12. Please tell me. How is it cheaper?

    Stas Reply:

    Dilya, good afternoon. There is only one direct train 018 Moscow-Bishkek, it directly costs around 9,700 rubles for the summer. You can take it to Aktobe for 6300, and from there to Taraz on local Kazakhstan trains 024, 034 ... (costs around 6500 tenge or 1100 rubles). Thus, a couple of thousand rubles can be saved.

  6. Hello! I want to discuss the possibility of posting an article on your blog.

  7. Hello, Stas! Need your help. We are going in June after the 20th on the day to Taraz (Kazakhstan) from Yekaterinburg two adults. How is it cheaper for us to get there. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Stas Reply:

    Myra, it’s logical to go through Petropavlovsk. The cheapest option is this: first you buy tickets on the Russian Railways website Yekaterinburg-Petropavlovsk (for any passing train), and then on the KTZ website you buy tickets for the train 076Ц from Petropavlovsk to Taraz (it runs on odd numbers at 18:06 local time). It is only necessary then to dock these two trains in time. In the summer, of course, tickets will be more expensive than they are now, at least with Russian Railways (they have seasonal coefficients there).

  8. Sorry that through you, do not tell me how and where to ask Stas a question. It seems that I looked through everything, but I can not find where to write the question. Thanks in advance.

  9. Vielen Dank,
    für die vielen Tipps.
    Wir wollen auf die Krim fahren. Sind Eure Hinweise auf den Mobilfunk (MTS) noch aktuell? Wir kommen spät in Simferopol an (22:25 Uhr). Was könnten wir als Transfer nutzen. Bus fährt nicht.
    Danke Maria und Klaus aus Sachsen (Germany)

  10. Hello, I broke my head how to get from Nizhny Novgorod to Georgia Batumi :( please tell me how cheaper is by train or by plane? And how to get :(
    I watched the entire Internet, came across you, I really liked your article about holidays in Georgia
    And I decided to contact you

    Stas Reply:

    Catherine, I think in any case the path will lie through Moscow. In principle, now Moscow-Batumi flights cost around 10 thousand round-trip (again, depending on what time it is, more expensive in the summer). Now there are very cheap flights Moscow-Baku (Buta Airlines) in the region of 4,500 in both directions (there you can take a train to Batumi via Tbilisi). “Victory” has not yet opened sales for the summer, there will also certainly be many interesting options, so I would catch stocks and try to fly by plane.

    The train will first have to go to Vladikavkaz, there through the land border to Tbilisi and only from there to Batumi - it will not be much cheaper, but how many transfers.

  11. Hello. Your site interests, I want to buy it. Who can I talk to on this issue?

    Stas Reply:

    Victoria, we are not going to sell the site

  12. Stas, one more question: if I come to Olkhon (I don’t have any reservation), can I find where to spend the night in the village of Khuzhir? I understand that local people offer rooms at home ... I can just knock and sleep with someone (of course not for free). thanks

    Stas Reply:

    Yana, yes, you’ll quite find some kind of option. Perhaps not the best in terms of price and quality, but you will definitely find something - there are a lot of guesthouses, hotels and camp sites

  13. Stas, thanks for the answer! I realized on the map that this wasn’t close :)) a person should be waiting for me at Olkhon, so I hope everything will be OK! Then you went from there to Ulan-Ude?

    Stas Reply:

    Yana, no, they returned from Olkhon to Irkutsk

  14. Good afternoon, Anya and Stas, I carefully read your blog about Baikal. Interestingly tell useful information. Thanks! I wanted to ask about the ferry to Olkhon Island. You write “locals and pedestrians pass by ferry without waiting in line. Surprisingly, the ferry is free for everyone. ” What is it like? :)) I will be without a car, i.e. can not wait in this huge line? thanks for the answer. Jana

    Stas Reply:

    Yana, if you will be without a car, then just catch the ferry closest in time and sail :) And the queue is formed from personal cars. True, keep in mind that after crossing to Khuzhir on foot, if you walk, it will take a very long time, and there will be no more opportunity to get into the bus that passes, they are full. So it’s preferable to immediately take a minibus from Irkutsk, they pass the queue for the ferry

  15. Eugene, motorcyclists from other countries go to Iran. I had tourists from Russia last summer who came on their motorbikes. I can give them fb, if necessary.

  16. Good afternoon, dear colleagues!
    Arg-e Jadid Travel Co. welcome you! Arg-e Jadid is a leader among Iranian tour operators, we have been on the market since 1997 and offer all types of travel services in Iran and neighboring countries. We would like to express interest in cooperating with you.
    We will be glad if you contact us.

  17. Good afternoon. I read your blog about Iran - very interesting. I'm just going there in May for 12 days. You can tell according to your schedule how they traveled around the cities and the name of the guest houses in the cities where they stayed. I found only a couple of guesthouses on the blog.
    Thanks in advance.

    Stas Reply:

    Alex, I don’t remember exactly the number of nights in each city :)
    - Tehran, two days, Mashhad Hostel (do not believe the pictures in Google maps), not far from the Imam Khomeini Square metro station
    - Night train to Tabriz. One night there, the Karon hotel was called, but I do not recommend it, it is better to the nearby Darya Guest House, although more expensive.
    - The return train to Tehran, then to Kashan by bus, one night there, Green House Hostel is one of the best places, I liked it.
    - Bus to Isfahan, there 3 or 4 nights, Amir Kabir Hotel
    - Bus to Yazd, one night, Kalout Hostel - a very good place
    - Bus to Shiraz, there 2 or 3 nights, Taha Traditional

  18. And the second question. Have you seen motorcyclists from other countries in Iran?

    Stas Reply:

    Eugene, no, I haven’t seen any motorcycle riders. Even there are not so many tourists, mainly in Isfahan-Yazd-Shiraz in tourist areas.

  19. Stas, good evening! A couple more questions about Iran. People we are all adults, 40+, naturally in the evening after a busy day I want to eat and drink in good company .... what's wrong with alcohol Given the experience of North Africa and the Middle East, we will live in 4 * -5 * hotels if possible. Do they sell alcohol in restaurants?

    Stas Reply:

    Eugene, they don’t sell alcohol, it’s a strict Muslim country. I haven’t been to expensive restaurants, only inexpensive food and non-alcoholic drinks to inexpensive cafes. You can find non-alcoholic beer in stores, including our Baltic 0, I have not seen more alcohol. In Shiraz, a market seller offered me clandestine wine. In general, at closed parties of rich Iranian youth, as they say, everything is there, but illegally.

  20. I hope the trip will take place! Unfortunately, Harley is not enduro and can’t ride over rough terrain. Although why - unfortunately? For pleasure !!!! Thank you so much for the information. Before the war in 2010, we were in Syria and Jordan. The roads are excellent, but there is no way to go anywhere, sand is everywhere. Thanks again.

  21. Good afternoon, Stas and Anya! Thank you so much for a very useful and informative site. I have been traveling with my friends for 10 years on a motorcycle. Traveled to 56 countries - all of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East. He traditionally gathered in November for the fourth time in Greece. But by accidentally reading your article on Iran, I got into Iran. route: Azerbaijan - Tehran - Esfahan - Yazd - Shiraz-Hemir - Bushir-Hamadan-Tabriz-Turkey - Georgia - Russia. Tell me, what quality is expensive? We will be in Harley, a very heavy motorcycle (400 kg), driving on the ground is very difficult and almost impossible. Need asphalt, even of poor quality! Thanks in advance! Eugene, St. Petersburg.

    Stas Reply:

    Eugene, hello! Your cool trip is planned. The quality of roads in Iran is very good, the more you travel to the main cities. Between Tehran and Isfahan so generally highway. Even if you turn off from the main tracks, very tolerable quality. I traveled from Isfahan to the mountains towards the city of Cheljerd (where the nomadic Bakhtiyar tribes live) and deep into the desert - there were excellent roads everywhere.

  22. Thank you so much for your block and a detailed story about Georgia !!!!!! This is now very relevant and useful information! In early March we fly to Tbilisi. Only today I found you and hung))) We are going for 4 days, we will live in Tbilisi. We plan time-accessible routes to return to the hotel at least by night))) We want to see Georgia from the inside with its authentic streets, friendly residents, old spirits, and of course MOUNTAINS ... Do not tell from your own experience where you can go to such Unfortunately, tight deadlines? Thanks )))

    Stas Reply:

    Irina, answered you in VK))

  23. Good day to all. I advise you to purchase Yerevan Map before the trip. This is the official tourist program of the city. Get rid of the hassle. Everything is included in the card and a free taxi from the airport and all the museums of the city, even the Ararat cognac factory museum), tours, metro, discounts in restaurants shops, etc. Plus, the package includes a guide, a map of the city, and a sim card with the Internet. Use on health.

    Stas Reply:

    Svetlana, thanks for the tip. Really cool thing, I’ll add information about this card to the article.

  24. add this article, otherwise people overpay, I understand that taxi drivers also need a family to feed, but they are insolent in root, by the way from 2018, new laws are also introduced on them. I got to the center to rip off 40 GEL.

    Stas Reply:

    Henry, thanks, be sure to add! And taxi drivers, they are everywhere like that, with rare exceptions.

  25. I meant the airport of Tbilisi.

  26. regarding transport from azhport, bus / 37. you do not have the correct or incomplete information to get from the airport, you only offer a taxi, but what about night bus trips!? or you share with taxi drivers.

    Stas Reply:

    Henry, I wrote about the 37th bus. When I was there, I didn’t hear about any night buses, maybe they have recently appeared? I did not find anything about this on the Internet either. If you have any information or know the official website where you can get it, I will be grateful.

  27. We will be familiar :) nice to have found your blog)

    Stas Reply:

    We will :)

  28. Guys, you need to remove the script from this page that adds copyrights to the clipboard, here your contact e-mail is copied only, and your script powerfully interferes with this))

    Stas Reply:

    Thanks for the tip - did not even think about it. Let's see what can be done)

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