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Travel Insurance : How It Works


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How to buy a tour online : instructions and tips for finding cheap tours

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✓ - a search engine for hotels around the world. Compares prices across many reservation systems, finding the best.
✓ is the most popular rental service from the owners in the world (this often comes out more convenient and cheaper than the hotel). Follow this link and receive a gift for the first reservation - $ 25.
✓ - online travel insurance, including for a visa.
✓ - an international service for booking car transfers. 70 countries and 400 airports.

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  1. Hello! We plan to fly our family to the sea. 2 adults and a child of 4 years. Tell me, please, where is it better to stay so that you can swim and go on a couple of excursions?

    Stas Reply:

    Mary, what country do you mean?

  2. Great site) thanks

  3. Hello! Please tell me how it is cheaper to get from Almaty to Penza and back.? And why does KTZ not indicate the price of tickets. Thank you in advance!))

    Stas Reply:

    Aliya, there is no direct train in this direction. I would probably go through Petropavlovsk. First, buy Almaty-1-Petropavlovsk on the KTZ website for the 015T train, it arrives in Petropavlovsk at 19:14 Moscow time. And then on the Russian Railways website to buy a ticket to Penza for train No. 123Н, it leaves at 00:50. We'll have to wait a few hours, really.

  4. Julia and Stas. Tell me, well, how cheaper it is for my first-year grandson from St. Petersburg to come home for a vacation in mid-June from St. Petersburg to Almaty and then back: Almaty -Peter for further studies. Will he have problems with the migration, how to act. He is only 17 years old. First time going home for the holidays. Porridge in my head. Although I read all your answers. Thank you in advance.

    Stas Reply:

    Mila, good afternoon. Is he a citizen of Kazakhstan? Then there should be no problems with the migration. If he is a citizen of Russia, then without registration in Kazakhstan you can stay up to 30 days.
    As for the tickets: of course it takes a long time and quite expensive to get there, the journey is not long. It is necessary to go with a transfer through Petropavlovsk, so it will be the cheapest.
    From St. Petersburg to Petropavlovsk there are two trains No. 145A and No. 192A (more precisely, trailed cars there) almost every day. One arrives in Petropavlovsk at 16:07, the second - at 19:15 Moscow time. It costs 3000-3300 rubles, a little more than two days on the road. Buy a ticket on the Russian Railways website.
    And from Petropavlovsk to Almaty at 23:10 Moscow time, train number 016Т leaves, on the way a little more than a day, costs 5300 tenge. You need to buy this ticket on the KTZ website.
    That is, he will have to wait in Petropavlovsk for several hours at the railway station between trains.

  5. Julia and Stas. Found your block. So much useful information, well done, that help people save their money on travel. MANY THANKS TO YOU, MANY FOR YOURSELF OPENED USEFUL, READING YOUR ANSWERS. thanks.

  6. Good afternoon !! please tell me how it is cheaper to travel by train from Karaganda to Priobye

    Stas Reply:

    Julia, first you need to get to Yekaterinburg. For this, train 303 is suitable (it runs on Wednesdays). But the ticket will be expensive, more than 16 thousand tenge. To save money, you can buy a ticket to Petropavlovsk on the Kazakh railway website, and then buy Petropavlovsk-Yekaterinburg tickets on the Russian Railways website, the main thing is to connect them in time. Already from Ekb train 337Е runs to Priobye (leaves daily at 16:49 local time, 18 hours on the way).

  7. Thank you so much for the super-useful and informative blog. I'm getting ready for a trip to Georgia. 2 October.

    Stas Reply:

    Elena, please, and thank you for reading us. We tried our best!

  8. Thank you very much! With great pleasure I read about Georgia, because I plan to visit in August ... .... Magnificent and informative reports and photos, a lot of useful information! I am very grateful to you!

    Stas Reply:

    Tatyana, thanks! We are very pleased and pleased that you enjoyed your trip, happy trip :)

  9. Thanks a lot!!!!! helper is not the right word !!!!!

    Stas Reply:

    Liana, please! We are glad that it turned out to be useful, we will try to continue to write something useful))

  10. Well done! Such detailed information! We are planning a vacation to Armenia and we will definitely use your ideas and feedback and it’s just so interesting to read. Thanks. I wish you good luck and ... have a good trip!

    Stas Reply:

    Heidi, thanks! And have a nice trip to Armenia :)

  11. Well done I will go in as the development of places I wish good luck!

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