Rest on Baikal in the summer: prices, reviews, tips

Rest on Baikal in the summer is a dream of many. When we talk about our trip to the lake, people exclaim, "Oh, yes, I have long dreamed of getting there!" Today I gathered in one place useful information about the rest on Lake Baikal: prices for accommodation, transport, food, entertainment, how to get to the lake, what interesting places to visit. Here you can also see some tips, reviews and recommendations that are sure to be useful if you are planning a trip.

In the Barguzin Bay

Lake Baikal is one of the symbols of Russia, the deepest lake in the world, the largest source of fresh drinking water ... many epithets apply to it. Transparent water, picturesque beaches and bays, overgrown with coniferous forests, secluded bays - all this attracts tourists, who become more and more every year.

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Basically, people come to Lake Baikal in the summer (from June to September). At this time, the most comfortable weather is here, when there is little rainfall and warmth. In addition, some tourists travel in winter (in January-March), they are lovers of outdoor activities: ice skating on the ice of Lake Baikal, dog sledding, snowmobiling. Many fans of ice fishing - inveterate fishermen do not need to explain why to go to Lake Baikal in winter ;-)

Rest on Baikal in the summer: nuances

We visited Baikal twice - for the first time they squealed and gasped from the beauties, and in the second everything was also cool, but some moments caught my eye. I’ll tell you about them.

A trip to Lake Baikal is chosen by romantics who want to relax from the bustle of the city and the noise of megacities, to be alone with nature, to find peace of mind. It has its own specifics, do not expect a paradise holiday all-inclusive with first-class service, people come here for another.

  • The weather on Lake Baikal is changeable, often a strong wind blows from the lake, ideal weather in July and August.
  • The water in the lake is generally quite cold. Although Baikal is called the sea, the water temperature in it is more likely to be the northern seas, not the southern ones. There are places where it warms up well by the end of July-August, and if it’s very important for you to swim, I recommend choosing these places: the coast of the Small Sea, Chivyrkuy Bay, Enkhaluk and some other places on the east coast. It’s small there and you can not get out of the water for a long time on hot days. In other places, you can only plunge.
  • More about the beaches of Lake Baikal .
  • In the high season, after the tourists there is a lot of garbage in especially popular places.
  • Logistics. The lake stretches over 600 km in length and this leaves its mark. For example, between Olkhon and the Barguzinsky Bay no more than 50 km in a straight line, but you will have to travel around the lake on land. Yes, you can sail on a ship, they rarely go on this route, and private hiring is expensive.
  • Ecology. We regret to admit that the ecology of the lake is greatly damaged. On our first visit (5 years ago) we did not hesitate to collect water from the lake and drink it, and now in some places we have to filter it because of algae. Check the news before departure, in recent years, forests often burn, because of this, I could hang over the lake, so nothing is visible.
  • Infrastructure. Almost all coastal villages are small and cannot boast of developed infrastructure, but you can almost always buy the necessary things, products, and rent a house.

How to get to Baikal?

It is most convenient to first get to Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude, two large cities near the lake, and from there go to the right place. If you are heading to the west coast, then to you to Irkutsk, and if to the east - to Ulan-Ude.

From the European part of Russia or the cities of the Far East, the best option is to fly by plane. Flights from Moscow to Irkutsk and back will cost 22-23 thousand rubles per person. From Vladivostok, expect about the same amount, from Khabarovsk a little cheaper.

Recently, the Pobeda low-cost airline started selling tickets from Moscow to Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. On sale, you can take it for free (999 rubles each), but this is in off season. The usual price for them is about 7000-8000 thousand in one direction, which is also very good.

Where to look for airline tickets? Best of all with the help of search engines Aviasales.ru and Skyscanner.ru Check prices on both. Read also our detailed instructions on how to search for cheap flights .

If time permits or you live not so far from Baikal, then you can go by train.

We have detailed instructions on how to get to Lake Baikal , everything is detailed there.

Traveling to Baikal by car is a separate adventure. The distance from Moscow is more than 5 thousand kilometers, and Russian roads are a brand ;-) Although now the M-53 Baikal federal highway is in relatively good condition - asphalt, refueling, etc. are all the way from Moscow to Irkutsk and further to Ulan-Ude. infrastructure. Around Baikal itself, everything is not so joyful - pits, ruts, a dirt road on many roads.

Attractions, where to go

For a general concept, you can read our large article " Attractions of Baikal ". There is an overview of the most famous places where you can go.

For starters, you can get acquainted with the main cities of the Baikal region: Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude . Follow the links to find a description of the main interesting places in these cities.

The most popular holiday destinations on Lake Baikal are Listvyanka , the coast of the Small Sea , the island of Olkhon, the Circum-Baikal Railway . These resorts have the best infrastructure, a large selection of housing, but in the high season there are a lot of tourists, besides, prices are high.

Beach in Listvyanka

I advise everyone to rest on Olkhon - the perfect combination of privacy and amenities. This is an island with incredible energy, it was not without reason that ancient people considered a place of power where shamans performed their rites.

Olkhon Island, Shaman Rock

With children on Baikal, it is best to come to one of the many bays of the Small Sea. In August, the water warms up to a comfortable temperature, and the entrance to the water is gentle.

On the eastern shore, they go to Barguzinsky Bay , Chivyrkuisky Bay, Maksimikhu , Goryachinsk , Enkhaluk.

The east coast is just wonderful places! Sandy beaches, picturesque pine trees and fresh air. Yes, a long trip, but all efforts are worth it, believe me. There, on the eastern shore, is the oldest reserve in Russia - Barguzinsky.

If you prefer a real wild vacation with a tent in the taiga, then to the north of the lake - to the area of ​​Severo-Baikalsk and Nizhneangarsk. I have not been there yet, so I can’t specifically tell, but many praise it.

Beach in Maksimikha

I advise you to visit only the west or only the east coast at a time, especially if you do not have much time - moving from one coast to another will take time and effort.

I also highly recommend visiting the Tunkinsky Valley, there are a lot of interesting things: Arshan , the hot springs Zhemchug , Nilova Pustyn, snowy mountains and magnificent nature.

Arshan, Kyngarga Valley

On the way from Irkutsk, you can call in Taltsy - an ethnographic open-air museum.

The Great Baikal Trail is a description of our two-day trek.

In winter, many people go snowboarding or skiing in Baikalsk, but in the summer, swimming on the south-west coast is not worth it - the water in this place in the lake is not very clear.

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Prices for holidays on Baikal

The total cost of a trip to Lake Baikal will be no less than a package tour somewhere in a warm country with an all-inclusive beach. Be mentally prepared for this.

You can save a lot of money only by living in a tent, cooking at the stake and moving your own car in a big company (so that you can share the cost of gasoline) or even hitchhiking.

Prices for holidays on Lake Baikal in guest houses and budget hotels start from 800-900 rubles. 3 * hotels cost from 1800 rubles per day per room, there are also chic complexes of 5 thousand per room per day. There are few large hotels and hotels on Baikal, mainly private guest houses or bases. The cost of living depends on the season: in July-August, prices are rising, and during off-season you can book with a good discount.

Where to look for hotels and guest houses? A good choice on a dedicated hotel search site hotellook.ru .

Public transport is well developed between Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude and other popular places on the coast. In general, the cost of one km of track goes 2.5-3 rubles, which is quite expensive. To save money, you can look at the BlaBlaCar website and share the cost of gasoline with someone, and at the same time drive along the way - local people often use it themselves, some without cars.

On your car. Gasoline on Lake Baikal is a bit more expensive than in the European part of Russia and the Urals. In addition, there are almost no network gas stations far from the main routes, and the quality of gasoline is doubtful, try to refuel to the fullest in big cities.

There are horse-drawn vehicles.

Nourishing lunch in a cafe will cost 350-450 rubles. The local cuisine is quite simple, but be sure to try the Buryat poses (buuzy), and smoked omul is the most important delicacy and wealth of Lake Baikal.

To save money, you can buy food in supermarkets and cook yourself in the shared kitchen (if there is such an opportunity), or at the stake / gas, if you are traveling as a savage. The cheapest supermarkets in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude, Olkhon and Listvyanka are all 20-25% more expensive.

Buy home and souvenirs at the central market in Irkutsk - save twice. There you will find herbs and much more at good prices.

Gifts of the forest and own stocks :)

Everything here is individual and depends on the specific case. For example, entrance to the Taltsy Ethnographic Museum costs 150 rubles, and 500 rubles to the nerpinary garden in Listvyanka. Boat trips and boats are popular - from 400-500 rubles per hour. You can book a group tour - for example, a full day trip from Khuzhir to the island of Olkhon cost me 1000 rubles with lunch.

They ride a banana on the coast, you can rent an ATV and other water things, fly a paraglider - demand creates supply, and now you have many options for your choice.

We chose the best places to stay on the lake with the highest rating and reviews.

Country Hotel Baikal - Located in the place where the Angara flows from Lake Baikal, at the entrance to Listvyanka. Suitable for a family relaxing holiday, located off the track and therefore it is quiet.

Price from 1900 rubles per room (2 people) with breakfast.

Hotel Mayak - One of the most popular hotels in Listvyanka, located right at the bus station in the very center of the village. The view from the windows of the rooms to the lake, there is a restaurant-khinkalnaya, friendly staff.

Cost from 4800 rubles per room (2 people) with breakfast.

Inn oasis - It is located at the very beginning of the village of Khuzhir in a quiet place among coniferous trees. Large territory, playground, wooden houses - simple and tasteful. You can additionally order food or cook yourself, which is convenient.

Price from 1500 rubles per room (2 people).

Resurrection Guest House - You can’t imagine a better location, a few minutes walk to Cape Burhan. Cozy homely atmosphere, all sorts of vintage things, interesting interior.

Price from 4200 rubles per room (2 people) with breakfast.

Da Shi Recreation Center - It is located on the very shore of Lake Baikal in an area called Sarma in the Small Sea. Private beach with sun loungers and deck chairs, sauna. Gorgeous view of the lake, its own restaurant, pool.

Cost from 3600 rubles per room (2 people).

Hotel Baikal Riviera - located in Gremyachinsk on the east coast. There is a sauna, a children's playground, comfortable rooms, its own restaurant.

Price from 4200 rubles per room (2 people) with breakfast.

Hotel Lukomorye - Located in Maksimikha, 10 meters from Lake Baikal, the lake literally splashes under the balcony. Spacious rooms with carpets and balconies, private restaurant.

Cost from 3200 rubles per room (2 people) with breakfast.

Guest House Goryachiy Klyuch - located in Goryachinsk on the east coast of the lake. Cozy rooms upholstered in wood, a chic children's playroom and grounds, an indoor pool, a sauna.

Cost from 3000 rubles per room (2 people) with breakfast.

Park Hotel Zvezdny - The east coast near Enhaluk. Large cozy area, wooden houses, delicious food, and next to the sandy beach.

Price from 1500 rubles per room (2 people).

You can live in a tent, too, good


Holidays on Lake Baikal in summer are ideal for active people who love nature, walks in the woods and gatherings overlooking the sunset by the fire.

The stunning nature and beauty of Lake Baikal is breathtaking the first time, so I want to come back again and again. Have a good trip!

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  1. Thanks a lot to Stas and Anna for this blog! This is a real find for those who have not been anywhere (or few where), here you can gather all the information, easily accessible, and are also advised how to save! Thank you for your work!

  2. Advise where exactly it is worth going to Baikal in October to visit hot springs and visit places of power?

    Stas Reply:

    Svetlana, from the more accessible I would single out Arshan and the surrounding area, though this is not entirely on Lake Baikal. There are sources in Arshan itself, and in the village of Pearls, and in the Nile Desert, it can be considered as a place of power completely, there is a monastery.
    And so on the east side there are a lot of thermal springs, but it’s hard to reach many, especially in October, when the weather is already very dank. Unless you can come to Goryachinsk from the side of Ulan-Ude. And if you go further along the shore, you will meet places with white ribbons, among the Buryats they are considered sacred.

  3. Of course, this is living energy and you are lucky to feel it.

  4. In 2018, we visited Baikalsk on a recreation center, which contains a married couple Volodya and Olga. This is something! The tour was called Baikal vacation. Accommodation in comfortable houses with wi-fy, meals home food, and on excursions in decent cafes. Tours every day. For a week we visited Arshmne, and Datsan, and the springs, and Taltsy in Angara, etc. I advise you to go there. The Vepskoye estate is called.

  5. Hello! Thanks so much for your blog. With his help, the dream of visiting Baikal came true. Was with two sons in July this year. Sami from St. Petersburg. A little unlucky with the weather, failed to swim, but it does not matter. We visited Olkhon Island, explored Irkutsk, looked at the Angara, visited the Taltsy Museum (I especially recommend traveling with children), laid a route along the Circum-Baikal Railway (an amazing engineering structure), traveled to Slyudyanka (you can feel the pulse of the Trans-Siberian Railway). Very cool, very beautiful. For us, such an independent trip was the first and, thanks to your advice, we went through this quest at 5. But once it’s not enough, you won’t cover everything, we must once again make the trip. Thank you guys.

    Stas Reply:

    Svetlana, thank you for such a review. Very pleased that our experience came in handy!
    It’s a pity that I’m unlucky with the weather, apparently this summer is such a Baikal this year, Siberian cold.

  6. Going to Baikal this summer. Your article is very informative with helpful tips. And already booked a room ..

  7. Thousands of 30,000 is not enough for anything, I would like to see more than relax. And does a comet walk along Baikal Angarsk-Baikalsk?

    Stas Reply:

    Alexey, it all depends on the required level of comfort, the number of days, places that you want to visit. Although I agree that 30,000 is already low, prices are rising, you need to update the post.
    I did not find any official information about the comet; there is no such route on the website of the East Siberian River Shipping Company.

  8. but what about the situation with ticks in Baikal in July and August, whether to be vaccinated or not, if you go to Listvyanka?

    Stas Reply:

    Elena, we visited just in July and in August. As far as I know, ticks were not seen on themselves, the peak of their activity in late spring and early summer. Especially in Listvyanka ... it is the most developed village

  9. As a native of Irkutsk, I’ll say right away that there is no budget vacation on Lake Baikal)) BUT visiting the sacred lake at least once in your life is NECESSARY (in extreme cases, take out a loan, but be sure to come to Baikal's father)! Here is crazy energy. I have my own “communication” with Baikal. Sometimes it seems that he is alive ... seriously, as if in front of you is a living being (with a soul). It even gets a little uneasy)) I definitely recommend to try the Baikal Omul - a very tasty fish! Правда сейчас запрет на ловлю (весь 2018 год) и просто так купить его будет оооочень сложно. Вода, к сожалению, хорошо не прогревается (это все-таки Сибирь — лето коротенькое, а глубина у Байкала более 1 км!), но искупаться и омолодиться в водах уникального озера должен каждый, посетивший его))