Prices in Montenegro: a great overview

Today I’ll tell you about the prices in Montenegro for holidays, food, excursions, hotels, transport and much more. This country is a very popular destination among Russians due to a visa-free regime, warm and clear sea, beautiful beaches and nature.

To make it easier for you to estimate the possible budget for a trip to Montenegro, I have described in detail in this post the prices for various categories. I am often asked questions specifically about the prices of a particular service / product when I take notes from travels.

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All useful information about holidays in Montenegro

Montenegro as a whole cannot be called a completely budget direction, it is not Southeast Asia or India, where in many places you can, for example, eat for $ 2-3. But also a very expensive country - too, in many respects the prices here are comparable to our domestic resorts. You will see for yourself.

In the high tourist season (June-August), the cost of many services and goods rises, and in the velvet season, on the contrary, it falls. So the first tip, if you want to save money - plan a vacation for September-early October. We did so!

Beach in Sveti Stefan

Prices for tours to Montenegro

Tours to Montenegro are organized from major Russian cities. There are definitely from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg. Often a tour comes out more profitable than buying regular tickets on your own + booking a hotel + taking a transfer from the airport and back.

Even if you always organize everything yourself, I recommend checking prices for tours to Montenegro, it can be cheaper, as with many popular tourist destinations. A definite plus of tours even for me is a direct flight with luggage.

For example, a weekly tour with a flight from Moscow with accommodation, breakfast, transfers and insurance can well be bought for 20,000 rubles per person for double occupancy. Last-minute tours often come from the capital, especially at the beginning or end of the season.

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Pick up a tour to Montenegro:

Airfare to Montenegro

Direct regular flights to Montenegro so far are only from Moscow + direct charters from some cities of Russia in the summer. To fly out of your city, it is most convenient to connect via Moscow.

The price of air tickets directly depends on the season - in the summer it is unlikely to fly from Moscow cheaper than 10 thousand rubles round trip, only if you take it in advance for sale. The average prices in this period are 13-15 thousand rubles.

In the velvet season or at the end of spring, it is quite possible to meet 7-9 thousand per person round trip. On sale it is possible for 5-6 thousand. For example, in the summer there was a “Victory” campaign for September-October, where it was possible to grab 2 thousand tickets one way and 5 thousand one way.

The cheapest flights to Montenegro are from November to March at Pobeda. Besides them, Ural Airlines flies cheaply (we flew from the Omsk to Omsk to Tivat with a connection in Moscow and back for 13,200 rubles per person).

Sometimes there are good options from Moscow with a connection in Belgrade (Air Serbia) or Athens (Aegean). In Belgrade, you do not need a visa at all (you can take a walk), in Athens, too, if you do not leave the transit zone.

Montenegro hotel prices

Montenegro has a huge selection of places to stay, in Budva alone there are 750 hotels, guest houses, hostels ... I’m sure that the best option is to live not in a big hotel (there aren’t so many of them), but in a cozy guest house with tiled roof, patio, veranda, ideal if facing the sea.

For example, we lived in the Bay of Kotor, right on the shore in the village of Dobrota. You go out onto the porch for breakfast in the morning, and there is such beauty! And the sea splashes 20 meters from the window.

The view from our room in Kindness

Terrace in our apartments with access to the Bay of Kotor

Although if you travel with children, the infrastructure of large complexes can be quite convenient. Another advantageous option for accommodation with children is apartments or, as they are called here, apartments. Many offers for renting apartments in Budva.

Housing prices rise with the start of the summer season and fall in the fall. The cost of a double room or apartment, for example in Budva, in the summer starts from 20 euros per day. There is no upper limit :) On average, you can count 30 euros per day for two in an inexpensive segment. If you arrive in the fall, it will be cheaper.

I think the prices for hotels in Montenegro are quite budgetary, especially when compared with other European countries (and our resorts as well). And service and comfort are on par.

We are always looking for housing on the service. hotellook.ru . Its advantage is that it compares prices immediately for many booking systems, such as booking, ostrovok, hotels com and many others. After all, prices for the same hotel in different systems are different.

Prices in Montenegro on the beaches

On many beaches, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas to relax more comfortably. Especially often the beaches are pebble, and lying on your towel is not very convenient. The typical price for a set (an umbrella and two sunbeds) is 10 euros near the water in the front rows, 7-8 euros - for sets on the back rows. Thus, the price depends on the proximity of sunbeds to the sea.

There are some hotel beaches where the cost may be 70 euros (a beach in Pržno, for example). There are wild beaches without any infrastructure or with its minimum set.

The cost of sunbeds and umbrellas

On popular beaches you will find a variety of water activities, here is an example of prices in Budva:

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Prices for excursions

In any resort town, you will find dozens of excursions to various parts of Montenegro. Plus, in many coastal cities you can always agree on the shore with a boatman and arrange yourself a sea tour, fishing and much more. For example, in Budva, on the way to the old town, there are dozens or not hundreds of boats, and boaters themselves will offer you their services.

Tour prices stand

Budva Riviera Cruise for 10 Euro

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Approximate prices for excursions in Montenegro (from Budva):

  • Canyons in the north - 40 euros
  • Skadar Lake - 40 Euro
  • Cetinje, the poor. Lovcen - 35 euros
  • Boka Kotor Bay - 25 euros
  • Ostrog Monastery + Podgorica - 25 euros
  • Dubrovnik (Croatia) - 40 euros
  • Shkoder + Tirana (Albania) - 40 Euro

You can see in advance what excursions are, ask the price and purchase in advance. For example, on tripster You can find copyright tours that are not offered to you by agencies on the street or by a tour operator.

Food prices in Montenegro

Prices in cafes and restaurants

We were pleased that a meal in Montenegro can be very tasty and not very expensive. The portions are usually large, and it is not necessary to take several dishes, most likely one is enough. For example, a patty cutlet is brought with a side dish and salad, although this may not be indicated in the description of the dish, ask the waiter what is included.

Of course, the price level differs depending on the level of the restaurant, proximity to the sea. Personally, we like places where local people eat, often they are located not in the sea, but in the depths.

Restaurant in Perast

Examples of prices in an inexpensive cafe:

  • omelet 3 eggs and cheese - 2.5 euros
  • omelet 3 eggs, cheese and ham - 3 euros
  • splash (cutlet) - 3 euros
  • cold cuts, 600 gr - 7 euros
  • chorba soup - 1.5-2 euros
  • salads - 1.5-2 euros
  • big pizza - 4-7 euros
  • coffee, tea - 1 euro
  • local beer, 0.5 liter - 1.5 euros
  • a glass of local wine - 3 euros
  • a bottle of wine, 0, 75 l - 7-8 euros
  • lemonade - 1.5 euros

We almost always had a hearty meal between 10-14 euros for two.

Of course, in decent restaurants on the shore, feel free to multiply these prices by 2. At around 30 euros for two, you can spend the evening in a pleasant place with delicious food and wine.

Fruit shop

Prices in Montenegro in supermarkets

Of all the chains, we liked Aroma supermarkets, it is clean, spacious, and prices are generally the same in all chains. Here are the prices from this store:

  • carrots, 1 kg - 0.7 euros
  • tomatoes, 1 kg - 0.8 euros
  • cucumbers, 1 kg - 0.6 euros
  • pepper, 1 kg - 1 euro
  • salad, 1 kg - 2.3 euros
  • plums, 1 kg - 1.3 euros
  • apples, 1 kg - 0.8-1 euro
  • pears, 1 kg - 2.3 euros
  • nectarine, 1 kg - 1.5 euros
  • peaches, 1 kg - 1.2 euros
  • pineapple, 1 kg - 1.5 euros
  • avocado, 1 kg - 7.6 euros
  • sausages, 1 kg - 3-5 euros
  • chicken sausage, 350 gr - 1.5-2 euros
  • eggs, 10 pcs - 1.5-2 euros
  • sour cream 20%, 400 gr - 0.8-0.9 euros
  • fresh bread - 0.5-0.7 euros
  • sweet / nutritious buns - 0.5-1 euro
  • pasta, 500 gr - 0.9 euros
  • rice, 1 kg - 1.5 euros
  • sunflower oil, 1 l - 0.9 euros
  • pickled olives, 720 gr - 2.4 euros
  • eggplant caviar + peppers, 330 gr - 1 euro
  • pickled cucumbers, 680 gr - 1.4 euros
  • flour, 1 kg - 0.6-0.7 euros
  • feta cheese, 1 kg - 2 euros
  • homemade cheeses, 1 kg - 3-7 euros
  • chicken fillet, 1 kg - 4 euros
  • Nutela paste, 400 gr - 4 euros
  • croissants, 300 gr - 1.7 euros
  • chocolate Milko, 300 gr - 2.6 euros
  • assorted tea - 0.7-2 euros
  • water, 1.5 l - 0.45-0.7 euros
  • fruit juice, 1 liter - 0.8-1.3 euros
  • Nicsicko 0.5 liter beer - 0.6-1.2 euros

Prices in Montenegro for cheese in a supermarket

If you cook yourself, then eating is no more expensive than in Russia. Cheeses are very cheap, the rest of the milk is a little more expensive than ours. Vegetables and fruits are also quite cheap, especially if you arrive in early autumn. Expensive eggs, bread, some sweets.

Cost of transport

Given the small distances in the country, you will not spend much time and money on the road. The best option is to rent a car. It costs only from 9-10 euros per day (per car, not per person!) And gives you unlimited freedom of movement, including where public transport does not go.

Do not forget to add the price of gasoline to the cost of renting a car: in Montenegro it costs 1.3-1.4 euros per liter, depending on the gas station.

I recommend booking a car on myrentacar , they have low prices directly from suppliers without markups, a large selection of machines, Russian->

You can travel by public transport, mostly buses, but there are also trains, but you are unlikely to need the latter - the network is not particularly developed. The prices for buses in Montenegro cannot be called very cheap, for example, a trip of only 10 km will cost you about 1.5-2 euros, and for 150 km - 9-10 euros.

Taxi from Tivat airport to Budva costs 20-25 euros. We order taxi from the airport through the service kiwitaxi .

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The cost of insurance in Montenegro

Whether or not to take out travel insurance is always a voluntary matter and you decide. You need to choose the right company-assistant, you can read more about this at the link below. The cost of medical insurance in Montenegro for 10 days is from 1200 rubles per person (with a coverage of 100 thousand euros). If you add more options, such as outdoor activities, trekking and so on, it will be more expensive. In my opinion a small price for peace of mind.

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As you can see, prices in Montenegro are not sky-high at all, and are quite comparable with prices at our resorts!

We use it ourselves and recommend it to friends:

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✓Travelata.ru - search for the most profitable tours among 120 reliable tour operators.
✓Aviasales.ru - search and comparison of airfare prices among 100 agencies and 728 airlines.
✓Hotellook.ru - a search engine for hotels around the world. Compares prices across many reservation systems, finding the best.
✓Airbnb.ru is the most popular rental service from the owners in the world (this often comes out more convenient and cheaper than the hotel). Follow this link and receive a gift for the first reservation - $ 25.
✓Tripster - more than 4000+ excursions in 500+ cities of the world from local residents.
✓ Compare.ru - online travel insurance, including for a visa.
✓ Kiwitaxi.ru - an international service for booking car transfers. 70 countries and 400 airports.

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