Koh Lan Pattaya Island

Koh Lan Island is located 7 kilometers west of Pattaya and attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches and clear sea, as well as opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Here you find everything that you expect from an exotic vacation. This is one of the most beautiful places in the vicinity of the city, in addition, you can quickly and inexpensively get on a ferry from the central pier.

In this post I collected all the information about the island: beaches, attractions, ways to get from Pattaya, food prices, hotels and much more.

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Koh Lan Island

For many, an unpleasant surprise in Pattaya is the dirty water in the sea. Although we knew about it, we arrived from Phuket and didn’t even want to climb in contrast. Therefore, many are looking for good beaches in the vicinity of the city, and the island of Koh Lan is an ideal candidate. If you want azure water, white sand and tropical nature, then you are going!

Typically, tourists come to Koh Lan for one day without spending the night, even the ferry schedule is conveniently adjusted to this schedule. So we also went for a day. Every day you swim back and forth, but you can go several times for a vacation. You can stay for a few days, but there is nothing special to do on the island, except for a beach holiday.

Koh Lan is a relatively small island - only about 4 by 2 km in the widest places. The western part is rather mountainous, and the eastern part of the village is almost flat, with slight deviations. Quite a lot of people come, but in general it’s calmer than in Pattaya. The infrastructure here is not as developed as in the city, but there is everything you need for a day's stay - cafes, shops, massages, water activities, rental sunbeds ...

Minibar with beach and pier view

Koh Lan is surrounded by many very small islands, and a boat trip on a ferry or boat to the island in itself is an interesting journey.

I recommend everything except edible to take with you from the mainland, do not forget all sorts of beach items, cream and so on. All this can be bought here, but a little more expensive than in the city. For example, in a supermarket 7-11, an extra charge of about 10%. Everything is fine with food, water - you can buy it in the same 7-11 or in a cafe.

In the village on the east of the island there is a good local market with street macaroons, where you can take fruit necks and various dishes with meat and seafood. From Friday to Sunday, a very active trade.

Beaches of Koh Lana

On the island, there are five or six relatively large beaches, I will write about them a little more.

Tawaen beach

One of the most popular and noisy beaches, but at the same time there is cool white sand and clear water in the sea. The entrance is very gentle with soft sand, so it will be cool to relax with the children. There are many cafes, beach shops on the shore, you can rent a sunbed at a standard price of 100 baht, buy rubber rings, ride a water scooter and much more.

Azure water

Shopping street along the beach

Some ferries from Pattaya arrive here, which is quite convenient. The beach itself is very long and wide; there is a place to stay. There is a 7-eleven store as well as some simple hotels / guesthouses.

The disadvantages include the fact that there are a lot of boats in the water, and therefore often smells of fuel. But the swimming places are fenced. There are many tourists from China and for some reason ... India. Even on this beach there is very little shadow, so without a sunbed with an umbrella, you can roast in the sun.

In general, the beach with its pluses and minuses, but if you are not resting in the highest season and arrive early in the morning, you can fully enjoy it.

Sangwan Beach

On the other side of the pier and Tavaen Beach is the small Sangwan Beach . There are stones along the edges of the bay, but in the center you can swim. There are almost no people here, and on the shore there are a couple of bars where you can eat.

Tien beach

Tien Beach

The second most popular beach, also with clear water and fine light sand. There are also enough people here, but it is smaller in size. The entrance is gentle, there are almost never any waves - beauty! A big plus are tall trees, in the shade of which you can sit comfortably with your own mat or towel.

There are four or five cafes on the shore with average prices for such places, 100-150 baht per dish.

Samae beach

Samae beach

A beautiful bay about one kilometer long with palm trees on the shore and white sand, a little more developed in terms of infrastructure than on Tien Beach. There are enough tourists, but given the size as a whole, it is more free. Cafes, sunbeds, water activities - everything is available in sufficient quantities. There is also a floating pier made of plastic blocks, it is convenient to sail right away on a boat from Pattaya.

Monkey Beach (Nual Beach)

Monkey Beach Koh Lan

The most remote beach from the main activities on Koh Lana, located in the south of the island. Monkey Beach was not named by chance; monkeys live here, which tourists like to feed. In general, monkeys are non-aggressive, but take care of valuable things, they can steal! Now monkeys rarely go to the beach itself, usually they are on the surrounding rocks. They like watermelons, mangoes, bananas and other fruits.

The beach itself is pleasant sand, clear water in the sea, a picturesque rock of red breed, many trees and sun loungers of 100 baht, as elsewhere. True, there are flat stones in the water, often sea urchins - suitable for snorkelling enthusiasts, you can bring a mask with you or buy / rent it right away. It is best to swim in the central part, and at high tide the beach becomes narrow. There are paid toilets and showers, a bar and a cafe.

Monkey Beach is perfect for a relaxing holiday on Koh Lana, because there are not so many people here as on other beaches.

Ta yai beach

A small beach in the north of Koh Lan island with fine sand and very clear water. There are usually fewer tourists here, but there is no infrastructure either - a cafe, deck chairs, a toilet, and that’s all.

Tong >

The calm beach north of Tawaen Beach can be reached on foot from there. The bottom is rocky in some places, boats scurrying around here and there, so there is no need to wait for silence. But in general, too, a clean sea and pleasant sand.

In addition to these beaches, there are smaller coves.

What to see on Koh Lana?

If you get tired of lying on the beach and want activities, there are a couple of places where you can go. It is best to have a bike for this, walking far away, especially uphill and in the heat.

Observation Deck Overlooking Tawaen Beach

You can climb the stairs with 250 steps or bike. First you will meet the Guanyin Temple, and even higher is the footprint of the Buddha.

Buddha statue on the mountain above Tawean Beach

Observation deck

Located near Samae Beach and has a narrow, steep road, so be careful, especially if you have little experience driving a bike. But the opening views are almost 360 degrees worth the trip!

In the north of Samae Beach, an unusual form of solar power station is located, it supplies the island with energy.

In the village you can go to Buddhist temples near the pier, they are for locals and tourists rarely go there.

Prices on Koh Lan

Here are some prices on the island:

  • Boiled corn - 30 baht
  • Chang beer, 0.6 L - 100 baht
  • Dish in a cafe - 120-150 baht
  • Sunbed - 100 baht (if you look, you can find 50 baht on some beaches)
  • Rent a mask for snorkeling - 100 baht (you can buy for 350 baht)
  • Directions to Songteo - 30-40 baht
  • Bike rental - 200-300 baht per day

Prices for necks on the most popular beach


Hotels on Koh Lan

Although most tourists come to Koh Lan without spending the night, you can very well stay on the island for the night. The advantage of this option is that you can enjoy almost deserted beaches early in the morning and late in the evening, when most tourists leave or have not arrived yet.

You will find some simple guesthouses on Tawaen Beach, but most (several dozen) are still located on the east side of the island, in the village. Prices start at $ 20 per night in a double room, the average price is $ 35-40.

Transport on Koh Lana

Songteo ply the island, the same as in Pattaya, only blue - covered pickups with two benches. Look for them near piers and beaches, drivers themselves will offer you to go to another beach. The fare is 30-40 baht depending on the distance. For example, getting from the village to Tien Beach in the west of the island (the farthest distance) costs 40 baht.

Koh Lan Island - Songteo

There is also a motorcycle taxi on Koh Lana, ideal for one person or two miniature ones :) As fast as possible, it costs 50-100 baht, as agreed and depending on the distance.

As elsewhere in Thailand, you can rent a bike on the island, it costs a little more here than on the mainland - 250-300 baht, you can try to bargain for 200 baht. Nobody asks for rights (although they are formally needed in Tai), many ask for a passport as a security. Instead of documents, it is better to leave money as a deposit (take a supply of cash with you). The best rental choice is in a village on the east coast, but not near the pier, but a little in depth.

The island is not so big, so theoretically you can walk between neighboring beaches and on foot, but there are no sidewalks or other pedestrian infrastructure on Koh Lana. We have not seen cyclists, but I think you can bring a great ferry with you if you wish.

How to get to Koh Lan from Pattaya?

Ferries from Pattaya, or rather from the Bali Hai pier, which is located at the southern end of Walking Street, go to the island. Ferries are medium-sized two-story ships that look quite racy. The cost of crossing is 30 baht per person one way. As a rule, tickets are sold immediately in both directions.

Ferry to Koh Lan Island


Koh Lana has two points where ferries arrive - Tawaen Beach in the north and Naban Port in the east of the island. One way trip will take you 40-45 minutes. In the opposite direction, I advise you not to wait for the last ferry, there will be a lot of comers.

Ferry Schedule to Koh Lan

In addition to ferries, Koh Lan can be reached by speed boat both from the central beach of Pattaya and from Jomtien and other areas. But it’s best to go to the Bali Hai pier too, where people gather quickly. It costs 200-300 baht per person, and 10-12 people are placed in the boat. Or you can pay for the entire boat immediately 2000-2500 baht.

A whole highway of boats!

Another option is to take a ready-made tour, where for about 1000 baht you will be brought-taken from the island and taken to one of the beaches of Koh Lana. Plus sun loungers and lunch are also included in this price.

Map of Koh Lana

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