Mobile Communications and Internet in Montenegro

Today we have a useful post: mobile communications in Montenegro and mobile Internet. I will also tell you about roaming tariffs from Russian operators and about prices for local SIM cards and tariffs.

Even when traveling, you want to stay in touch, and your trip to Montenegro will not be an exception. Post cool photos, chat with friends, plot routes on the map and read interesting information about the places you visit - quite understandable desires and needs.

I collected all the useful information about traveling to Montenegro in one post here . Answers to many questions.

So, in detail about communication and the Internet in Montenegro.

How much does roaming cost in Montenegro?

The easiest option is to use your home SIM card while traveling. But it will come out quite expensive, see for yourself.

Operator rates are changing and it is best to check the most current information before your trip.

Roaming in Montenegro from Beeline

Package 20 minutes a day - 200 rubles

50 MB per day - 250 rubles. You can activate the "unlimited" Internet service: 350 rubles per day (but there are tricky conditions, so I took it in quotation marks).

Roaming in Montenegro from MTS

With the package "Zabugorishte" (390 rubles a day when you use):

minute of call to Russia - 70 rubles (1 and from 6 minutes of conversation) and 39 rubles (from 2 to 5 minutes)

free internet (the first 100 MB at maximum speed, then 128 Kbps)

Roaming from Megaphone

They have a monthly fee of 359 rubles per day, while all conditions and prices will be like at a home rate.

Roaming from Tele2

1 Mb of traffic - 25 rubles

outgoing and incoming calls - 15 rubles per minute.

You can connect the option “Conversations without borders” and then the incoming calls will be 5 rubles / min.

As you can see, the cost of communication for a vacation can hit your pocket if you use a home SIM card.

Internet in Montenegro

In general, the Internet in Montenegro is developed: Wi-Fi works in many apartments, guest houses and hotels, as well as in some cafes and restaurants. Thus, if you do not need to be constantly in touch, you can be content with this.

True, the speed of the Internet often leaves much to be desired, especially in the summer, when housing is full.

Mobile communications in Montenegro

Mobile Internet in Montenegro and mobile communications are very well developed, I advise you to at least briefly study the sites of operators, which I will give below. Every year new tariffs appear, therefore it is impossible to unequivocally advise a specific option.

I think if you plan a trip for 10-14 days or more, then you should buy a local SIM card.

There are three telecom operators in Montenegro: Telenor, T-mobile, M: tel. The former is considered the most popular and largest in the country, the latter is relatively new to the market. The quality of communication and coverage are approximately the same, if you are not going to some remote corners, do not attach any importance to this.

Telenor - an ordinary SIM card costs 5 euros. You can buy an Internet package for it (valid for a month):

  • 500 Mb - 3 euros
  • 1 GB -4 Euro
  • 3 GB - 6 euros
  • 10 GB - 10 euros

They have a tariff with 10 GB of traffic included, 100 minutes of calls to any network, but how much it costs is completely not clear! Another point: the package is valid for only 7 days, after which the same can be purchased for 4 euros.

For 1.5 euros you can buy an option that gives a 55% discount on calls to Russia (so they cost 1.2 euros per minute). It’s difficult to make out on the site what’s what, some information is simply not enough, it’s better to check everything in the office.

T-mobile - Simka also costs 5 euros. Additional traffic packages:

  • 1 GB for 1 day - 1 euro
  • 5 GB for 5 days - 7 euros
  • Unlimited for 10 days - 10 euros
  • 20 GB per month - 20 euros

Travel packages:

  • 1000 GB of Internet for 20 days - 5 euros
  • 1500 GB of Internet for 35 days - 10 euros

It looks really good, but according to reviews last summer, the Internet did not work for hours due to the large number of users.

M: tel - A relatively new player in the market, so they have interesting promotions. We bought a SIM card of this particular operator and were satisfied with the quality. They took 500 GB for 15 days and paid 5 euros for it (the SIM card itself is free) - this is a travel package that they advertise everywhere.

Communication worked in all the cities where we were, on the road between them, as well as in the mountains of Durmitor (in some places). The speed is normal, enough for everything. Well, spend 500 GB in 15 days you have to try!

There are some nuances of buying a SIM card in Montenegro, about which more details below.

Where to buy SIM cards in Montenegro

Sims Telenor sell only in offices, and the rest can be purchased a lot where, and not just in offices. You can buy them even in small stalls and stalls. The trick is that the purchased SIM card must be registered in the operator’s office within 7 days, otherwise it will stop working after this period.

The second point is that it is not always possible to set the necessary settings in order for the Internet to work. This is another reason to go to the office. Everything will be fine-tuned there for you.

Unfortunately, there are not many offices, plus there are lines in the summer. I searched this way: while there was a Wi-Fi in the guest house on Google maps I drove the names of the operators in turn and looked which office is closer to us, it turned out to be M: tel.

You will need a passport to purchase!

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International SIM card Dreamsim

If you travel often, then every time buying a new SIM card in a new country can be tiring. For example, in the same Montenegro you need to register a SIM card after a purchase or immediately look for an office and buy there, but there are not offices everywhere. This is a precious vacation time.

Another example. You go on excursions (or on your own) to neighboring Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and there your networks, operators and tariffs are everywhere.

In such cases, it’s much easier to buy an international sim card Drimsim .

  • works in 197 countries
  • Internet speed and connection quality will be the same as with local operators
  • a mobile application in which it is convenient to monitor costs up to a second and kilobytes, instantly replenish the balance and much more.
  • money is debited in seconds and megabytes. How much you spend, you pay so much.
  • Simka works right after the plane lands - you are always in touch.
  • costs 10 euros

Tariffs Drimsim in Montenegro

  • 1 megabyte - 0.0015 euros (about 11 kopecks)
  • 1 GB - 15 euros
  • 1 minute call to Russia - 0.9 euros

Thus, using such a SIM card on a trip will be more profitable than a Russian one.

Order SIM card Dreamsim

We use it ourselves and recommend it to friends:

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