Registration of a passport through government services online

Now it is quite easy to issue a passport, and for this it is not necessary to stand in long lines at the Federal Migration Service, as it was before. It is enough to use the official website of the State Services. In this post I’ll tell you what documents are needed to apply for a new passport, how much it costs, and how to apply for it through the State Service website online.

Zagran opens up literally the whole world for you, because according to the internal passport of the Russian Federation, you can go to only a few states: Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Armenia , Abkhazia , Belarus, and travel around Russia, of course.

Nearly 130 countries are visa-free for Russians or a visa to get into them is easily placed at the border. For the rest, we just get a visa in advance at the consulate.

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I myself issued a new type of passport a few years ago in the old fashioned way, in the office of the Federal Migration Service, but my good friends recently used modern technologies.

I think the instruction on how to apply for a passport via the Internet will be useful to many - and I undertook to write it.

The difference between a biometric passport and an old-style passport

✓ The old passport is issued for a period of 5 years, it contains 36 pages, and it costs 2000 rubles per adult / 1000 rubles per child. You can enter a child in it.

✓ A new biometric passport is issued for 10 years, it contains 46 pages, the cost is 3,500 rubles / 1,500 rubles per adult / child under 14 years of age. Important : you cannot add a child to the new passport! But passport control will be faster.

I advise you to draw up a biometric, it lasts longer, and there are more pages ... unless you are going to change your name in the near future. For a small child, you can also issue an old-style passport, you still have to change it soon, so at least save.

Registration on the Gosuslug portal

1 . The first thing you need to do is register on official portal of government services . This is a very useful thing, because in addition to a passport, there are many more services: you can find out tax arrears, traffic police fines, make an appointment with a doctor, get a civil passport inside, and much, much more.

Important: in the upper left corner, select the "For citizens" section. Press the button “Registration” - a new page opens, where you need to fill in the simplest data.

2 . Fill in, and then a code comes to your phone number, which you need to fill in the field and click "Next". A page will appear where you need to come up with a password, preferably more complicated and authentic, because your passport data will be stored here!

3. That's it - registration is completed successfully. Now it remains only to fill in your data and click "Save".

Important: you will need a SNILS number (pension insurance certificate). If you do not have it, you must first apply for it by contacting the Pension Fund.

4 . Next, you will receive a letter to the specified e-mail to confirm the mail, you will need to click on the link in the letter. Now, in order to get full access to all services, you need to confirm your identity. There are several ways to do this:

  • Personally come to the service center, their list is by the button “Find service center”.
  • By registered mail of the Russian Post (it will take about two weeks).
  • Use an electronic signature.

The easiest way is to come to any of the service centers. Without this, you can’t get your passport online. When you confirm your identity, a list of all the services that are available will be displayed in your account.

Registration of a passport through government services

Now that you have a full account on the State Services portal, you can fill out a questionnaire for a passport.

1. Select the "passport of a new sample."

Registration of a passport through government services online

2. We choose who needs to draw up the document: an adult, a child from 14 to 18 years old, a child under 14 years old.

3 . We select “Electronic Service” in order to submit all documents in 15 minutes, and not stand in lines, as it was before. Click "Get a service."

4. We fill in the data of the questionnaire. Personal and passport data will be filled in automatically. If not, go to profile settings and specify there. After 5 minutes, they will be checked and you can return to filling.

How to apply for a passport

5. Indicate if you changed your last name.

6. Indicate your second citizenship, if you have one.

7. Choose where you will issue your passport.

8. Download the photo (black and white or color). It is necessary only for the questionnaire, for the passport itself it will be made where you will submit the original documents. Of the requirements: full face, on a white background, with eyes open.

9. Select a receipt type. The first time you get, or you want the second to the existing one, or the child drew the old with a felt-tip pen ;-)

10. Record your activities over the past 10 years.

11. Answer privacy questions.

12. Choose where you will submit documents, once again check all the data and agree to the processing of personal data, click "Send".

Next, you will receive an email (or SMS) notification that the application has been accepted. It will be necessary to pay the fee at any bank or directly on the website of State Services online.

Then another letter will come with an invitation to the IFC (multifunctional center) or the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The list of documents will be indicated in the letter, take all the originals with you + a receipt for payment of the fee. You have 6 months after applying to come to the office and submit documents.

After submitting the originals, wait for the notification of the readiness of the document. About the timing in more detail below.

Passports of the old, the new sample are issued in the same time frame:

1 month - at the place of registration.

3 months - at the place of registration, and if you have access to classified information.

4 months - if you submit documents at the place of residence, and not at the place of registration. For example, they are registered in Omsk, but you live in Moscow and submit documents there.

Here is what you need to apply for a passport:

For adults (over 18 years old):

- passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation,
- if you are issuing a second passport in addition to the existing one, take the old passport,
- for men from 18 to 27 years - a military ID or a certificate from the military registration and enlistment office,
- for military personnel - permission of the command,
- certificate of change of surname, name or patronymic - for those with whom they changed.

For a child from 14 to 18 years old:

- birth certificate,
- passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation,
- passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation of a legal representative,
- if custody is established over the child, an act of the body of guardianship and guardianship.
For a child under 14 years old:

- birth certificate,
- passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation of a legal representative (most often it is a parent),
- a document certifying that the child is a citizen of the Russian Federation: a) his passport, b) the passport of the Russian Federation of the parent in which the information about the child is entered, c) the birth certificate with an insert or stamp on citizenship,
- if custody is established over the child, an act of the body of guardianship and guardianship.

That's all you need to know about applying for a passport through government services online. As you see, you still have to go to the office two times (the first time, give the original documents, the second time - pick up the finished passport).

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