Holidays in Montenegro

Today I’ll tell you about holidays in Montenegro in general, with a lot of useful information: which resort to choose, when to go, where to find the best beaches, how to get there, what to see and what to do, how much it all costs and much, much more.

I present a detailed country guide: everything you need to know about holidays in Montenegro. I hope our experience will help you organize your unforgettable trip.

Holidays in Montenegro: do I need a visa?

Russia and Montenegro have long concluded an agreement under which citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa when traveling to Montenegro if the length of stay does not exceed 30 days. Last year, the period of visa-free stay was generally extended to 90 days (for the summer period), perhaps this year will also be.

The requirements for documents are simple: the validity of your passport must be at least 90 days after the end of the trip. No more documents required insurance too, but I still recommend issuing it.

Beautiful Kotor Bay

Registration at the place of arrival and tourist tax

The country has a rule of compulsory payment of tourist tax at the place of stay. And there is always a lot of controversy about him. In different cities, it is slightly different, but in most it is 1 euro per day per person. In hotels, often it is already included in the price and they register you themselves. In private guest houses you can ask the owners to register you and give them money (often they will offer it to you) - this is the best option.

Or you can come to the tourist office, bank, to the post office yourself and pay 1 euro for each day of your stay. If you travel to different cities, you should theoretically register in each new city, but often tourists just do it in the first city and for the entire duration of the trip. If not paid, they promise a fine of 200 euros.

But! We generally forgot about this tax, and in two weeks only the landlord in Kotor registered us (two nights). Upon departure, we did not require any papers confirming payment. Some owners themselves say that no one pays this tax much.

In general, the situation is twofold. It is up to you to decide whether to pay or not.

Beaches in Kotor

Montenegro resorts and beaches

Of course, most tourists love Montenegro for its beaches - 294 kilometers of the most beautiful coast of the purest Adriatic Sea are waiting for you! Add to this the mild marine climate and get chic conditions for a beach holiday.

Here you will find both pebble and sand, as well as mixed beaches. Purely sandy beaches in Montenegro are few. The most popular and them:

  • City Beach Ulcinj
  • Great beach
  • Trsteno (near Budva)
  • Sutomore
  • Float Horizonti (near the village of Radanovichi)
  • There is a small sandy beach in Igalo (near Herceg Novi)

In Perast

The most popular resorts of Montenegro

Budva is the most popular resort with the most developed infrastructure, but there are a lot of people here! There is a long city beach, a beautiful Old Town, lots of entertainment for every taste, bars.

Read more about holidays in Budva in the hotel post - I collected a lot of useful things!


If you prefer a more relaxing holiday, but want to be close to entertainment, then you should choose Becici or Rafailovici .

Beach in Becici

Petrovac is chosen by families with children, it is relatively calm here, the water in the sea warms up well and there is the necessary infrastructure.

Sveti Stefan is a very picturesque place, formerly known for its island with the most expensive hotel in Montenegro. There are beautiful beaches nearby: Royal, Milocer, and Sveti Stefan's beach itself is very good.

Milocer Beach

Kotor is not quite a beach resort, the beaches here are small and pebble, but the stunning Old Town, the fortress on the mountain and simply gorgeous scenery of the Bay of Kotor around! Must visit.

More about Kotor wrote a separate post, a great guide turned out.

Herceg Novi is chosen by those who like relaxation and nature, since this city is called the botanical garden of Montenegro. Nearby is the village of Igalo with one of the oldest medical institutes in Europe with mineral water and mud.

Guide to Herceg Novi with all the details

Sutomore is one of the inexpensive resorts in Montenegro with a sandy and pebble beach. From here it is convenient and equally close to travel to other cities on the coast.

Ulcinj is a city in the south of the country with sandy beaches and a gentle entrance to the water. There is more Albanian atmosphere than Montenegrin, a little dirtier, but in an oriental colorful!

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The best season for a vacation in Montenegro: when to go?

High tourist season lasts in the summer from June to September. In July and August it is especially hot, but the water temperature in the sea becomes very comfortable for swimming. At the same time, in summer, most of the people on the beaches and at popular attractions, in the same Budva, there is no place to drop an apple, and there are a lot of people at other resorts.

I advise you to relax in Montenegro in late May-early June or in September. Better still is the velvet season, when there are fewer tourists, the sea is still warm, the air temperature is comfortable (not so hot and not cold yet), plus fruits ripen. It will also be warm at the beginning of the season, but the sea will most likely not have time to warm up yet.

Autumn at Durmitor Park

If you are going to the north of the country, for example, to Durmitor park, then the best time for this is July, August and September.

We traveled to Montenegro in late September and early October. It was already cool to swim, in Durmitor at night it generally dropped to +5, but during the day it was on the coast, in the mountains, the weather was great. Tanned, breathed the sea air, admired the autumn colors.

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How to get to Montenegro?

Of course, an airplane is the most logical way. Montenegro has two main airports - Podgorica (in the capital) and Tivat (closer to the coast). Both are quite small and provincial, and you can both fly from Russia. Tivat is more convenient if you intend to relax in Budva, Herceg Novi, Kotor and the resorts nearby. If you need to Bar, Ulcinj, then get from Podgorica will be a little faster.

However, choose the airport where the cheapest way to fly. With the opening of Pobeda flights to Tivat, prices for flights in this direction are quite low. Again, airfare depends on seasonality, demand, and even currency fluctuations. First of all, from seasonality.

Our board at Tivat airport

So, in the summer, prices for air tickets from Moscow start from 10 thousand rubles in both directions, the usual price is 13-15 thousand. For the summer it is better to buy in advance or on sale, then there is a chance to grab cheap tickets. In the velvet season or in the spring it is quite possible to fly for 7-8 thousand round-trip, and in winter for 5-6 thousand in general.

There are direct flights from Moscow to Tivat by several airlines (Pobeda, Aeroflot, S7, Ural Airlines and others), plus you can fly to Podgorica with a connection to Belgrade (Air Serbia) or Athens (Aegean). These are the most popular options.

We gave for tickets from Omsk to Tivat (docking in Moscow) round trip at 13,200 rubles per person, bought them on sale.

It is most convenient to take a taxi from the airport to your hotel. You can arrange both on the spot upon arrival, and book a transfer in advance. I recommend the second option, we always use the service ourselves kiwitaxi . The pluses are that you can order a car of the right size for your company, add a child seat, for example (you won’t find it on the spot), besides, you will be met with a sign and taken to the place, and you don’t have to spend precious vacation time to bargain with local taxi drivers. 24-hour support service in Russian, free cancellation - another nice bonuses of this service!

Transport in Montenegro: buses, trains, taxis


The most popular public transport in Montenegro, the network is well developed, there are many flights to various destinations. There are buses to neighboring countries: Dubrovnik (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia), Shkoder, Tirana (both Albania), Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina). In large resort cities there are bus stations with ticket offices, a waiting room, a toilet, and a cafe. They are simple, but it’s quite comfortable to wait for the departure of your flight.

A typical bus inside is not luxurious, but quite comfortable

There are 15-20 buses a day in many directions, somewhere less, of course. As a rule, you do not need to buy tickets in advance, there is room.

Schedule and prices look at busticket4me . There you can buy online with an extra charge, but we always took it at the box office.

The trains

The railway network is poorly developed - only one branch goes from Serbia through Montenegro from north to south, with the terminal station in Bar. Plus there is a branch from Podgorica to Niksic. Just for traveling from Serbia to the Adriatic coast it is convenient to use the train (there are night and day ones).

In the country itself, few people travel by train, rather for the sake of interest.

Official website of Montenegro - the most current schedule and prices here.

Car rental

The best way to travel around Montenegro is to rent a car - you can rent a car for only 9-10 euros per day. And our rights will do! Gasoline is expensive, about 1.3-1.4 euros per liter, but the distances are not so great.

At a car you can see all the corners of the country that are of interest to you at your own pace, while if a company of 3-4 people comes out not much more expensive than public transport and certainly more profitable than a taxi. The quality of the roads is good, but they are mostly mountainous and narrow.

I recommend booking a car on myrentacar , they have low prices directly from suppliers without markups, a large selection of machines, Russian->
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Housing in Montenegro

The choice of housing is huge! During the trip, we managed to live in eight different places, for example, in an old house on the banks of the Boka Kotor Bay, in a cozy apartment in Budva, in a guest house with a fireplace in Zabljak ...

I recommend renting guest houses or apartments (apartments) - you will feel at home. The apartments usually have everything you need: a kitchen, washing machine, iron, hairdryer and much more.

Apartments in Perast

A hotel with the same range of services will cost a lot more; a family or company is more convenient in an apartment, as well as together. There are not so many classic hotels with a large territory, pools in Montenegro, as in Turkey.

View from our room to the Bay of Kotor

In Boka Kotorska Bay, prices seemed to me higher than on the coast. In Zabljak, they also ask decently for accommodation (take a room with a battery there, it’s cool in the mountains even in summer). Although the cost depends on proximity to the sea, the level of the hotel, seasonality and other factors.

We are always looking for housing on the service. hotellook.ru . Its advantage is that it compares prices immediately for many booking systems, such as booking, ostrovok, hotels com and many others. After all, prices for the same hotel in different systems are different.

Sights of Montenegro

In Montenegro, you can not only relax on the beach, there are chic opportunities for outdoor activities, many interesting historical and natural places.

For me personally, one of the most top places is the Boka Kotorska Bay . It’s just incredibly beautiful, you can’t even believe that you really see it with your own eyes: high sheer cliffs, blue waters of the bay, churches and monasteries, cozy cobbled streets of cities. All this is flavored with palm trees and other southern vegetation. In the bay, Kotor with its Old Town and the fortress and atmospheric Perast deserve special attention.

In the old town of Kotor

Be sure to visit the Lovcen massif and the Negosh mausoleum , only the mountain road there is worth it! Impressions for a long time to come!

You will find old cities not only in Kotor, but also Budva, Herceg Novi, Ulcinj, Bar ... It is very nice to walk along them, sit in a cafe with relaxing music and think about the eternal, going to cathedrals and churches.

In the central part, the monasteries of Ostrog and Moraca are noteworthy, where many pilgrims and tourists come. In Ostrog, some churches are cut down right in the rocks!

Nat Durmitor park

Beer River Canyon

In the north of Montenegro, Durmitor National Park with mountain lakes, peaked peaks, unique nature and spectacular landscapes is especially popular with tourists. Try rafting on the Tara River , whose canyon is the deepest in Europe! Two shores of the canyon are connected by the Dzhurdzhevich bridge , 172 meters high.

Less popular natural attractions in the north are Biogradska Gora and Prokletie National Parks , where you can spend time alone with nature.

Park Biogradska Gora

Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake is the largest in the Balkans, known as the habitat of various protected birds. Around the lake you will find lovely village landscapes and wineries.

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In each resort town you will find many offers with excursions to all corners of Montenegro. All excursions can be divided into sea, bus, active.

For example, a route along the coast is popular from Budva, there are many tours to the northern part of the country to canyons with rafting, zipline and other activities. Many cruises on the Bay of Kotor and routes to the central part of the country with a visit to the monastery of Ostrog, Lovcen, Cetinje.

Near Perast

In the north of the country, you will be organized a hike in the Durmitor park or a car route through the sights of these places.

Boating and yachting are popular in coastal cities, boaters themselves will offer you their services, just come to the pier or ashore - each city has its own location where boats are parked.

You can see in advance what kind of excursions you have, ask the price and purchase before you travel. For example, on tripster You can find copyright tours that are not offered to you by agencies on the street or by a tour operator.

Tours to Montenegro

Don't want to organize your own trip? No problem! From some large cities of Russia, package tours to Montenegro are organized, which include a direct flight with charter flights there and back, accommodation at the selected hotel, transfers from the airport to the hotel and back, honey. insurance.

Savina Monastery near Herceg Novi

It is interesting that sometimes a ticket comes out more profitable than taking tickets separately, booking accommodation, and so on. For example, from Moscow you can buy a weekly tour to Montenegro for 20-25 thousand rubles, this is a hot tour.

Personally, I prefer to organize my trips myself, and from my Omsk there are no tours to Montenegro :)

In general, there are pros and cons of package tours and independent trips, everyone chooses the best option for him.

Pick up a tour to Montenegro:

Prices in Montenegro

In general, prices in Montenegro pleasantly surprised us. Of course, during wintering and traveling in Southeast Asia, we got used to a completely different level, when $ 10 is more than enough for a day :) Given that you are going to rest in Europe, it’s worth calculating your budget.

Cafe by the sea

For example, prices for rooms in guest houses start at 20 euros per day (for two), a full-day excursion from Budva along the coast can be taken for 30 euros, a good meal in an inexpensive cafe for two 12-14 euros (this is how much we usually spent )

Many products in supermarkets are even cheaper than in Russia, some are more expensive. If you cook yourself, then you can save very well, but not everyone will like it. We ate half the cases in a cafe, half - cooked ourselves.

Example fruit prices in a supermarket

I think that a vacation in Montenegro to the sea will not come out much more expensive than a vacation in Sochi, if you compare approximately the same conditions and level of comfort.

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How much does a vacation in Montenegro cost?

We traveled 16 days, of which 12 days - in Montenegro + 4 days spent in Albania. Много перемещались по региону и особо не экономили (жили в классных домах, ездили в основном на автобусах и такси иногда, кушали, что хотели).

Потратили 870 евро непосредственно там + 26400 рублей на авиабилеты из Омска и обратно. Считаю это недорого. При желании можно и меньше, но надо ли так экономить на отдыхе? ;-)

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