In which area of ​​Pattaya is better to relax?

In which area of ​​Pattaya is better to relax? Where are the best beaches, and where is all the entertainment? Where to go with the children, and where - for dancing all night long? Today we’ll talk about the areas of Pattaya and how to choose the right place to stay, based on your goals and desires.

Pattaya is a fairly large city, has long been very popular among Russian and foreign tourists. Moreover, the resort, while not losing the glory of a place for adult entertainment, managed to simultaneously become family. Here is such a paradox! There is everything for everyone.

If you want a classic beach holiday - you are on one of the city beaches, and preferably on the island of Koh Lan, a military beach or the beach of a dancing girl. You came with children and are looking for how to entertain them - water parks, oceanariums, all kinds of farms with animals and many more are at your service. Would you like to learn more about cultural life or immerse yourself in Buddhism - and this is possible.

Do not think that Pattaya is only debauchery and nightly entertainment. Yes, there is one, but it is concentrated mainly in the center in the area of ​​Walking Street and Soi Bakau Lane. In the center there are a lot of bars, loud music and activity, but outside it is quite calm.

Pattaya areas

Pattaya area map

Consider the areas of Pattaya separately and in more detail. Everything that is behind the Sukhumvit highway does not interest us - locals and expats live there, there is no point in tourists settling there - there is no transport, and everything is very far away.

It is possible and necessary to move around the city on tuk-tuk (or they are also called songteo), I wrote more about routes in a separate post .

Na-Jomtien District

On the map, number 11. Strictly speaking, this is not Pattaya at all, but a suburb, but it is sometimes referred to as a city. Yes, and many package tourists settle in the famous Ambassador City Jomtien hotel complex, located right here. If you compare with the center, then there’s practically nothing there :) But it’s suitable for measured relaxation away from the hustle and bustle.

In the distance you can see the tower of the Pattaya Park Hotel

Na-Jomtien is a kind of tourist reservation, where all the infrastructure is concentrated near the hotels, and every day you get tired of going to Pattaya or you have to give a round sum for a taxi. On the other hand, this is the only area where hotels are located directly on the beach, and not across the road from it. Nearby are several attractions where you can get on a tuk-tuk, such as the floating market and water park Kartun Network. But in Wat Yan temple, Nong Nooch garden, Ramayana water park will have to take a taxi or go on a guided tour, although they are located very close.

Somewhere on the road along the sea

  • Accommodation: mostly classy hotels with a large territory, pools, restaurants, private beaches
  • Beach: medium, water may be cloudy
  • Transport: poorly developed, you need to go to the center in tuk-tuk with a transfer or taxi
  • Infrastructure: mostly only a guesthouse

If you are comfortable with relaxing mainly in a hotel in the pool and rarely get to Pattaya, then Na-Jomtien is quite suitable.


On the map at number 5. The Jomtien district is located south of the city center and is popular with Russian tourists. Up to the point that in many cafes you will find a menu in Russian. Here, low prices for both accommodation and food in a cafe.

This is our favorite area, where the infrastructure is well developed and at the same time quite quiet. The main activity is concentrated on a street along the sea, on a parallel street a little further and on the lanes between them. The alleys from Soi 1 to Soi 7 are very busy, in the evening there is music rattling, and girls are inviting the bars. Everything south is much calmer.

On the main street

One of the side streets (Soi)

Having settled here, you will always be a maximum of 5-7 minutes walk to the sea, and the center day and night can be reached by tuk-tuk. On Jomtien, a cool landscaped promenade, there are playgrounds. Pay special attention to the night market (located between Soi 8 and Soi 9 lanes) and the blind massage.

Jomtien Beach


Also relatively close to Jomtien is the bus station to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

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Top view from the roof of our condo

  • Accommodation: a good choice - large hotels with territory, small guesthouses, condominiums
  • Beach: not very good - the water is dirty, a suspension of sand. But it’s easy to rent a sunbed and an umbrella, there are water activities.
  • Transport: songteo (tuk-tuki) to the center for 10 baht
  • Infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, exchangers, gift shops, supermarkets 7-11 and Family Mart, massage parlors. There are no large shopping complexes here.

If you are looking for where to stay in Pattaya with a good price / quality ratio, then Jomtien would be the perfect option!

Pratamnak District

On the map at number 4. Pratamnak is considered the most Russian region in Pattaya, even more than Jomtien. Many have a rest with children, because it is quiet and comfortable here, even somehow in a rustic way. It is on Pratumnak that the famous Big Buddha is located, as well as a Taoist temple, two viewing platforms and even a park, by the way very cool!

View of the Pratumnak district from the observation deck. Far away are the tall hotels at the beginning of Jomtien

To the south of Pratumnak there is a small water park and the Pattaya Park Tower Hotel, from where you can bobble from the tower. To the north of the area is the Bali Hai pier, from where ferries to Koh Lan Island go.

There is a lively night market where you can buy ready-made food, clothes and souvenirs - such a standard Thai market.

Cozy Beach

  • Accommodation: several large complexes, but mostly small hotels and guesthouses
  • Beach: Nice Cozy Beach
  • Transport: there is no public transport, only a taxi or on foot
  • Infrastructure: medium developed, but there is everything necessary for recreation.

Pratumnak is perfect for a relaxing family vacation. And you can always get to the center if you wish.

Central Pattaya

On the map at number 3. Here it is, a nest of vice and debauchery, rooms for rent by the hour, transvestites, moths, go-go bars and stuff like that. But I hasten to assure you that not all the center of Pattaya is just that. All "adult" entertainment is mainly on Volkin Street and Beach Street along the sea, and even then all activity begins with the onset of darkness. The farther from these streets, the calmer, so even here you can quite find a decent hotel in a relatively quiet place.

Volkin Street does not recognize in the afternoon!

Second street from the beach

It is in the center that there are large shopping centers: Central Festival, Marina Pattaya, Terminal 21 and others, so this is the best place for shopping. There are restaurants with cuisine for every taste - from Thai to Middle Eastern, from Russian to Chinese. At the southern end of Volkin Street is the Bali Hai Pier, from where you will sail on a ferry to Koh Lan.

The minus of the area can be safely attributed to the central beach - the water is dirty, and dozens of boats scurry back and forth. It is also quite dirty due to the large number of people, the concentration of restaurants and cafes.

Beach in the center

Not a season

  • Housing: hundreds, if not thousands of options. There are both large hotels of world chains and small guesthouses.
  • Beach: the worst in the city
  • Transport: several tuk-tuk routes to different parts of Pattaya
  • Infrastructure: maximally developed. Hundreds of restaurants, cafes, bars, huge shopping centers and markets, massage parlors, exchangers and everything you can imagine.

The area for those who want to be within walking distance of everything interesting, noisy, incendiary. For everyone else - a bright and colorful place where you should go for shopping and just take a look.

Naklua District

On the map, numbers 1 and 2. Naklua (also called Naklua, this pronunciation is more correct from the point of view of the Thai >

If you choose where to live in Pattaya, then the north of the city is a very good option. This is the most solid area of ​​the city, the cleanest, with the best beach. There are practically no bars and clubs characteristic of the city center, but, on the contrary, respectably and peacefully. Even at the prices of hotels it is clear that wealthy tourists prefer to live here. However, there are also budget options.

Naklua District

The deep streets are clean and quiet

It is in the north that the wonderful temple of Truth is located, which amazes the imagination with carved details. There is even an Orthodox church here! Wongamat Beach is worth a special mention - clean, wide, with the most transparent water within the city. Naklua is chosen by many wintering people - this is a more “local” area, especially in the north.

In which area of ​​Pattaya it is better to relax - the north will do!

Unfortunately, tuk-tuk only go along the main street, so if you live on the first line, getting to the center by public transport is difficult. The area of ​​Naklua has a rather complicated street system, especially when compared with Jomtien, where it’s impossible to get lost.

  • Accommodation: good hotels are concentrated mainly near the beach, along the highway - simpler guesthouses. There is enough housing, although it is not so much as in the center. There are condos - these are decent options with well-groomed territory, pools, etc.
  • Beach: Pattaya's cleanest beach - Wongamat
  • Transport: only along the main street, from it to the sea - 20-25 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by taxi / mototaxi.
  • Infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, exchangers, gift shops and supermarkets - everything is there. There are no large shopping centers.

Naklua is perfect for a beach holiday, while everything a tourist needs is at hand. Yes, the beach is not like on the islands, but very good.

In which area of ​​Pattaya is better to relax?

Now that you know better about the districts of Pattaya, it’s already easier to decide which area is best to relax based on your goals.

  • For lovers of discos, nightclubs and sex tourism - Volkin Street, Beach Road in the center. There’s nothing to add :)
  • For a beach holiday - the Naklua area (Wongamat beach) in the first place. Jomtien and Pratamnak are also suitable, but the beaches there are worse. From Pratumnak it is convenient to get to the Bali Hai pier to sail to Koh Lan island, where you will find beautiful beaches.
  • For families with children - the Jomtien area with its large selection of good hotels, transport accessibility, and developed infrastructure. I especially recommend Dongtan beach in the north of the district - there will be a water park nearby, plus there is no road near the beach, so it is very quiet.
  • For a relaxing holiday - Pratumnak. Yes, the songteo do not go here, but it is quiet and there are no noisy bars and discos. The second option is the south of Jomtien, where infrastructure and transport are well developed, but the beach and sea are worse.

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